If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen me getting so excited about this Probio7 yogurt maker. Other than the obvious love of the packaging, seriously it was love at first sight (the little ceramic pots are totally Pinterest worthy), so as you can imagine, I’m delighted to share this review with you.

The probio7 life yogurt maker has been designed so that you can easily make yogurt at home. But why would I want to do that you might ask? I can buy it so cheaply at the shops… well, that part is true, but do you really know what’s in the stuff you buy from supermarkets?

Firstly, we’re all told yogurt is good for us. Adverts range from hilarious to health conscious, but how many of these companies are really producing products that are good for us to consume?

As someone who spent ten years chef-ing (prior to blogging) I’m no stranger to making my own food, and I prefer to make my own food anyway, avoiding as much store-bought produce as possible. I’ve even started to grow my own veg. Firstly, because I enjoy cooking for myself after 10 years of preparing food for other people, but secondly because simply put, it’s much better for you.

It’s no secret that supermarkets add extra things such as salt, sugar, colouring and additives to products to make them last longer, taste and look better. As a nation of busy people, we’ve become obsessed with convenience over health. Although we are starting to see a shift in that behaviour and that’s why I’m stoked to be reviewing a product like Probio7’s yogurt maker.

First Impressions

My first impression of the Probio7 Yogurt maker when the giant box firstly arrived at my home was “oh-no, how am I gonna fit that on my kitchen bench?

Luckily, the yogurt machine is really compact and small, the box was just stuffed with goodies. My package contained:

1 X Yogurt Maker, 8 X Mini ceramic pots, 2 X Larger Ceramic Pots, 1 X strainer, 1 X 1tr Glass Bottle, 1 X measuring cup, 1 X 1ltr Jersey Holland milk, 1 X Bacteria sachet, 1 X Recipe Booklet

You can view my unboxing of the Probio7 yogurt maker on Instagram below…

I loved the ceramic pots, they’re so stylish. These are pots worthy of Pinterest pins and durable, long lasting and of course portable. The yogurt maker comes with these little pots to make it environmentally friendly.

Did you know that a single person consuming just 1 250ml pot of yogurt a week amounts to 52 pots, lids and seals a year, or 1 family consuming 3 pots per week would amount to 780 pots per year? That’s a lot of plastic!

If we continue current trends, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish.

Probio7 life booklet

Overall, I would say that I was fairly smitten with the packaging, design and practicability of the appliance. It came with a QR code with video instructions on how to use it, which was quick and easy, but they also explain it in the booklet. It seemed like it would be fairly simple to use.

The ingredients and science-y stuff…

I loved that they use Jersey Holland milk. As I grew up in Holland obviously, I think Dutch milk is the best. But they do explain why they’ve partnered up with this brand. For example, it contains more protein than other cow’s milk, B vitamins and Zinc.

Secondly, the happy gut sachet has been developed with a university in Munich to produce friendly bacteria proven to reach the gut alive. Unlike other yogurt that you buy in the shops, probio7 sachets contain 3 of the best strains for you.

My first Attempt at making Yogurt

So, I was a little dubious about how to make yogurt, but it turns out it’s really easy-and that’s not because I used to chef, it’s just super easy. I’m pretty sure anyone could do it. I made a video of my yogurt making on Instagram, you can watch it here…

Once you’ve filled the glass bottle halfway with milk, add the bacteria sachet. Fill with milk, place the lid on the bottle then shake well. Top up the little pots, two large ones or mix and match. Place the pots into the yogurt maker and fill with 400ml of water. Place on the lid and set the machine to yogurt.

The only thing I didn’t like was that it takes 8 hours, which initially didn’t seem environmentally friendly. However, after leaving it on overnight and checking my smart meter, it used very little electricity, so I wasn’t to bothered about the time after this.

I prepped it at night so I had delicious yogurt prepared for my breakfast. After you take it out, remember to refrigerate for a couple of hours before consuming, but that gives you plenty of time to prepare some toppings!

Yogurt Maker Recipes

The instruction booklet comes with some handy quick recipes. Such as yogurt dip, a granola with fruit breakfast and some easy overnight oats.

You make a lot of yogurt in one batch, so I’ve been enjoying incorporating it into my diet. I made an Instagram reel of the recipes I tried out. Most of all, however, I’ve been eating it for breakfast with some fresh fruit, chia seeds and honey.

Taste wise, it’s unsweetened and a little sour just like natural yogurt. 1 teaspoon of honey makes it really sweet however, so use your honey sparingly if you like the taste of natural yogurt.

What I love about this yogurt maker is that it also comes with other options, for example you can make cheese. Just simply add lemon juice to your mix and set the machine for 6 hours. Once completed use the strainer to make cheese. It also has a red wine option- although I haven’t tried it.

I think this yogurt maker would really suit someone with a busy life, looking to add health to their diet. The compact size of it is perfect and it’s a handy little kit to add to my kitchen. Overall, I’d recommend this yogurt maker!

Thanks for reading, what’s your favourite kitchen appliance? Comment below.

You can purchase the Probio7 Life yogurt maker via their website, by clicking here.


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