I had a lovely day with my daughter last weekend for Lifeboat Day on North Shields Fish Quay. Every year they host this event as a way to raise money for the lifeboats and to share awareness around the importance of the lifeboat crew.

This day was particularly special to me because I finally got to say thank you to the lifeboat staff who helped a friend of mine who was drowning, a few years ago. I wanted to blog about it because the lifeboat provides such an amazing service here in the UK and they really save lives.

My daughter had great fun exploring the lifeboat, although we just had a crazy heatwave here in the UK and the engine room was really hot. My jumper dress was a bad idea but I just couldn’t resist wearing orange.

The lifeboat staff were friendly and full of facts, they explained the amazing design of the boats. I found it fascinating to learn that if the boats capsize, they roll back up. I would definitely feel safe in one of these if it picked me up at sea. But hopefully that will never happen!

There was so much to do this year 2022, loads of kids rides and even vintage cars, buses and motorcycles galore. My daughter even got to set off the siren in a police car, much to her amusement.

I had great fun vlogging our little day out. I’m getting more confident with filming in public, which is fab as it was something I really wanted to work on this year. You can view our little day out for lifeboat day on Instagram, and if you haven’t followed me yet, be sure to give me a follow or drop me a message if you like.

Being at the seaside is so much fun. We had an ice cream with a flake each because, you know, it was hot. What I love about this place though, is that mix between it being an industrial fishing port and the vibrant nightlife mix of independent bars and restaurants. But you know, if you want to be traditional there’s always fish and chips, a British classic.

There really is fun for all ages on North Shields Fish Quay- oh yeah and I nearly forgot, if you fancy a pint in the low lights tavern, that’s where Sam Fender got discovered and it’s a cracking little traditional pub. I’m also quite fond of it as it used to be my local for many years!

Anyway, well done Tynemouth lifeboat you out did yourself this year. We really appreciate the day you put on and we had great fun learning about lifeboats.

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