Exploring the Wonders of Whitby

I love the coast of England, I’m not a peace unless I’m near the water and nothing makes me happier than staring out to sea. I don’t know why, it could be the beauty or that I find the rhythm of water hypnotic, either way I love exploring coastal towns and Whitby is no exception.

A charming town with plenty of attractions, Whitby is well worth a visit. From clairvoyance on the pier, cute little boutiques up the steep English streets to the abbey, it’s a fantastic place to visit if you’re in the UK.

I love the charm of Whitby and they have a little bit of everything, from traditional English pubs to cocktail bars and restaurants galore.

Like with most of England there’s a lot packed into this vibrant and bustling town. Whether you’re there for the nightlife or to have fun with kids there’s something for everyone one to enjoy here.

Overlooking and dominating the town sits the medieval Whitby Abbey. This is a fantastic place to explore, I’ve visited here before but not for many years, when it’s eerily foggy, it’s an amazing place to photograph.

Of course, Whitby itself is tied to Bram Stoker’s Dracula. After he stayed here it is thought to have inspired the backdrop of his gothic novel. Architecturally, there’s a lot going on, it’s a quaint little town that’s mystically charming…

Walking along Whitby Pier

The picturesque water’s edge is perfect for selfies, ice creams, amusements and gifts. We even spotted the lifeboat, much to my daughter’s amusement.

There’s a lot to do one Whitby Pier and I think it would make a great short break destination. I enjoyed photographing the harbour, even in the drizzle this place was still pretty…

I also posted a little vlog on Instagram, so if you’d like to explore Whitby with me you can view more of Whitby Pier here:

Dramatic Whitby Abbey

Whitby Abbey is the synonymous inspiration for the gothic novel Dracula and it certainly did not disappoint. Visible as medieval ruins towering above the city. As an English National Heritage site, you’re able to go view it and explore the ruins. However I ran out of time, so I didn’t get to explore it closely, but I still got some dramatic shots.

Tickets are priced at £11.20 per adult and £6.60 per child but if you become an English Heritage member you can access the site for free. The membership is great for history lovers that like to explore England.

Rock Pooling at Robin Hood’s Bay

Next, we visited Robin Hood’s Bay. This place is adorable, and I had a hard time leaving. From traditional English ales, cute gift boutiques and even a tiny museum you could get lost for a day in Robin Hoods Bay. You could visit every little shop down the steep slope and still be surprised around every turn. The whole town looks like a post card.

At the bottom of the slope, you’ll find a huge beach, covered in rock pools. My daughter loved this part. She was fascinated by crabs and collecting shells. Of course, the beach is most famous for fossils, so if you enjoy that sort of thing you could spends hours study rocks with a hammer and chisel.

There’s a little musem showcasing some of the rocks and fossils found, I loved this place because they sold gemstones- among many other quirky gifts. However, if you’re travelling with a toddler beware, there are a lot of little things in here for them to grab.

The warm sun coupled with the sea breeze and an ice cream, all in all was a fairly inexpensive day out. We could have spent hours on the beach. The smell of seaweed is a little overpowering however and you can smell it from the car park at the top of hill, but you kind of get used to it after a while- still, I thought it was worth mentioning, just in case someone has a seaweed phobia!

There’s a play park here which my daughter loved and plenty of places to eat out, ranging from fancy restaurants to takeaways. We stopped near the top and visited a fish and chip shop with plenty of outdoor seating to overlook the bay. It was pretty exceptional. Clean plates all round…

My kids gave Robin Hoods Bay a 9/10 – the only thing they didn’t like was the seaweed!

Finally, here’s a little video of our day, give me a follow-on Instagram for more of my little days out, blogging motivation and more…

Thanks for reading, have you explored Whitby too? Let me know what your favourite coastal town to visit is in the comments below…

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