I went glamping last week for the first time ever and stayed in a helicopter- it was pretty awesome, so I thought I’d blog about it. I stayed in one of the Sea King Helicopters at Pinewood Park in Scarborough. First up, I’m so glad I did because the weather was typically British, raining and overcast but that didn’t stop us having a good time…

The facilities at Pinewood Park were awesome, lots of accommodation to choose from and hot showers available all day, lots of space and the whole place was really clean, no litter so I really liked that. It would have been good to have a little park for younger kids to play in but then again, my daughter was obsessed with the helicopter and the giant bomb outside, it certainly kept her busy.

Inside the accommodation was spacious with four beds, a kitchenette with a microwave and an outside table with chairs. There were also tree stumps that would be perfect to have a BBQ on, but unfortunately for us it rained so we were stuck indoors, but there’s still enough space inside so we didn’t mind too much.

If you’re interested in the military like my son is, than this place will be sure to fascinate you, there’s lots of info about the Sea Kings for you and a control panel for you to play with. They also light up at night. It was very cool.

It was the perfect base for exploring Scarborough- and Yorkshire. I’d definitely recommend it- my kids absolutely loved it, and it was my first time to Scarborough so here are some of my highlights…

Scarborough Beach

Across the sandy shore you’ll find amusements galore, it kind of reminded me of something Victorian, all it was missing was a guy shouting “step right up…” but obviously my kids loved this place. With amusements and shooting games, glitter tattoos and more candyfloss than I have ever seen- I’m gonna warn you this place is expensive with kids, but I guess it is the summer holidays after all, and they did love it- oh, and I got to go on the big wheel!

Still the beach was a welcome relief from the crowds, and a lot less expensive. Beware of swooping seagulls however, it’s not a great place for a snack.

Peasholm Park

I Love this eerie shot I got of Scarborough castle, with the fog rolling off it. I mean as you can tell the weather wasn’t great but we still had a lot of fun at Peasholm Park in Scarborough. A bit of rain never hurt nobody. I loved the dragon boats and the Chinese theme- I’m not sure what the connection is but it was certainly very pretty. Getting a boat round the lake was a great activity to do with my son.

I’d really recommend this place with kids, there was a lot to do here, including a little train and for the more adventurous the sky trail…

Anyway, I thought I’d share my little trip, sometimes it’s just nice to get away somewhere new and take time to appreciate what you have. My two children mean the world to me and that’s worth more than anything.

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