Retro basking under the Aquarius Full Moon and CBD tea

I’ve been drinking CBD tea now for a couple of weeks and do you know something? I’m really seeing a difference -and because there’s a full moon tonight, and it’s in Aquarius, I thought I’d write a little about it. After all, I feel more compelled to write under the glow of a super moon…

If I’m honest, recently, I was getting a little anxious over the strangest things. I’ve felt so down, which is odd because I haven’t felt like that in quite sometime, but I will say, that it was affecting me and my ability to do all the things that I usually enjoy.

It was worrying because I kind of had to put social media down and focus on myself for a while, which is not ideal when you work online! However, just as I did so my social media accounts and traffic started to grow rapidly.

My Pinterest traffic hit 2 million, and that was just one account, my Instagram grew for the first time in months and generally I’ve been noticing a lot more activity across all platforms.

I’d spent a whole year working on my blog and social media accounts waiting for something like this to happen, but when it did, I just couldn’t concentrate on anything. I’d stare at my phone and then get distracted or have to put it down. I mean if that had happened months ago I would have been so excited…

It was then that it kind of struck me that I wasn’t feeling myself at all. I wrote my post nobody’s shadow is flattering, some thoughts on depression.

In terms of CBD I’ve mentioned it before, I use CBD oil for skincare and CBD products, which I love, but because I haven’t been myself, I haven’t really been able to work properly and so to save money I started looking for cheaper alternatives, that’s where I found some CBD tea.

I’ve been using a CBD tea bag at night, generally because it helps to calm my racing thoughts and to help me fall asleep, and one around midday just to help my nerves. I’ve done this consistently for two weeks and I’m loving the way it makes me feel so far.

I’m not what you’d call 100% but it has really helped my mood. Have you tried CBD? Let me know in the comments below…

CBD tea is very good for insomnia. If you struggle with sleep can I suggest swapping caffeine for CBD tea after 12pm., I think you maybe as surprised as I was.

I love all these gorgeous flavours from Candid.

My retro jacket and Aquarius Moon vibes

I love my new retro blue Adidas jacket that my fiancé got for me, it’s so cute. I wanted to shared it because it made me feel happy today. Sometimes you just need a pick me up.

Enjoy the Aquarius moon tonight, I’m definitely in the need of a soul cleanse and some new energy. I’m feeling more content than I have for a while so I like to share posts like this to remind me to be humble for all that I have.

My confidence is returning, slowly so I’m feeling thankful to be me under this retro full moon…

Thanks for reading,

Full moon blessings.


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