It’s Starting Today‘s two-year anniversary! Two whole years since I began my blog and so to celebrate, I thought I’d write a post about marketing campaigns for businesses.

Why? Well, promoting blogging is kind of my favourite part about blogging. I love what I do, genuinely, and so last year I started to blog for businesses to show them what bloggers and influencers could do for them and the sales of their products.

Today’s inspiration is based on marketing campaigns. I thought this would be a great post for businesses that are new to the world of influencing.

I wanted to share some successful marketing campaigns that I’ve been part of as inspiration, and also to inform small businesses how to really go for it when they launch a campaign.

Your more likely to see greater results with sales if you launch a campaign. Although hiring a few influencers here and there, can be good for business- if you choose the right one. See my post why you should hire bloggers to grow your business.

I’ve also written posts such as 10 ways to launch a new product and 5 ways to find bloggers to promote your product, which you may also enjoy.

So, what is a campaign? Well, a campaign is a marketing technique which involves hiring multiple bloggers or influencers at once to create multiple types of content, across multiple sites all at the same time.

This is effective in generating huge amounts of brand awareness, boosting sales and there’s a good chance your product could go viral. It really depends on the size of your campaign. But even a small business can launch a campaign- and this is who this article is aimed at.

So here are 10 effective ways you can launch an influencer campaign, and 20 ways that are guaranteed to make you see results.

1. Create a Hashtag to Market Your Campaign

So this one is inexpensive and free- the trouble is inventing a catchy hashtag and inventing one that’s never been done before. It’s not impossible it just requires some thinking time. You want to think carefully about the types of content you are hoping to create and how it will relate to your hashtag.

Alternatively, you can use a hashtag that’s popular but related to your niche or product, however, creating content that’s fresh is going to be more effective for your brand.

2. Work with multiple influencers/ bloggers at once

So it counts as a campaign if you’re working with more than one influencer at once, but the more influencers you work with the more effective your campaign is likely to be.

Remember, you could hire multiple content creators at once, over a variety of platforms. For example, 5 bloggers to write reviews, 5 influencers to make reels/ stories on Instagram and 5 Tik Tok creators to make content featuring your product etc. This still counts as a campaign.

The idea is to create a sudden rush of content featuring your product. This can be great for social media, building accounts and gaining new followers. It also improves your algorithm. Beyond social media, you introduce your products to a new audience, create excitement around your brand and showcase how good your product is.

3. Provide an Information Pack with Your Campaign

So to ensure that your campaign is consistent with each content creator that you hire it’s a great idea to launch a campaign.

This usually involves sending a box of the products that you’re featuring, a letter or booklet containing all the valuable information about your business and important info about your campaign.

Include the hashtags you’d like them to use, specific phrases or who to tag on Instagram for example. It might also be a good idea to highlight some guidelines, the do’s and don’ts.

For example, if you write children’s books you might have a certain dress code, or if your brand ethos is vegan and renewable- state that. Although most content creators will research your brand first it’s still a good idea to set some boundaries, rather than requesting influencers to take their content down at a later date. Costing you money and not giving you the results you were after.

4. Choose talented bloggers to create a Spin on your Campaign

So you may set aside a bigger budget for some bloggers. For example hiring 4 bloggers with the DA of 5 is going to cost a lot less than hiring a blogger with a DA of 50 + – and the same applies to followers for influencers.

You might choose to work with a mixture of influencers ranging from large followings to nano- influencers. But I covered that in my post influencers and nano-influencers, know the difference.

5. Give Bloggers Unique Discount Codes

As part of their content creation, you can offer influencers and bloggers a unique discount code to give to their followers.

That means you can track which influencers have an active and engaged audience that are really interested in your products. This allows you to narrow down the correct content creators for your brand. (As well as tracking individual sales).

6. Pay for Honest Reviews

I can’t even stress how important this is. It’s so necessary in building a reputable brand. If you pay for dishonest reviews the customers will figure it out.

The most relevant example of this recently, had to be the green tea face mask that went viral on Tik Tok. By placing chia seeds on peoples faces, they were able to trick thousands of customers into parting with money. This left a lot of customers experiencing buyers regret and influencers taking to YouTube to name and shame the product.

It might have got them sales, but now their brand is viewed as trash and this is not where you want to end up. Pay for honest reviews.

7. Work with the Same Bloggers Consistently to Build Up Trust

You can launch multiple campaigns with the same influencers. By working with the same influencers you create trust with the influencers audience.

Remember it takes the average customer to view 11.5 pieces of content before they even consider buying a product so building a relationship with influencers is important.

It also ensures that you work with the best influencers that both understand your product and that have a track record of promoting your products.

8. Keep it fun, light-hearted and Short

Keep it simple, don’t get your influencers to bombard their audiences with information. Pick 2 or 3 selling points of your brands ethos. And the highlight of each product. Make the campaign fun, there’s plenty of other techniques you could use but fun really sells.

Just remember to keep your target audience in mind when you are producing campaign ideas. Everything you do should target this audience.

9. Use Seasonal Content

Seasonal content sells, whether it’s designing labels for your products that highlight the seasons or changing colours, flavours or smells- producing content for social media should be seasonal too.

10. Jump on Current Trends

In social media, this is called trend-jacking. The idea is that you copy content that’s already popular, for example a style of video or use a song that is trending. It’s cheap and easy to do as the content has already been created for you.

So these are my top 10 marketing campaigns tips for businesses about to launch new campaigns to promote their products.

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Thanks for reading.

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