The Chunky Sweater Equilibrium of Creativity

Happy new season blessings to you all. It’s the Autumn Equinox, that time of the year where the dark and the light are equally balanced. Last year I published my post Venus in Auburn Flames and Charcoal Autumn Days modelling some bright red knickers from Tutti Rouge. I talked about the seasons being transitional times in our lives on the inward path we walk to know ourselves.

This year I am feeling more subdued in chunky sweaters and orange colours. I often wonder if vibes are real you know. Sometimes you need to protect your aura and I am feeling like comfort as the new season begins. There’s just something about chunky knits that feel good, they’re like chainmail for my soul.

Yesterday as the summer wound down, I took time to reminisce. I took a boat trip out onto the water. I could see the water churning over the propeller. The seafoam tangled like ribbons. I thought deeply about life. I thought about many things while the brisk cold air whipped around me so chaotically as it usually does here up North. But mostly I thought about how far I’d come, after a year of passing seasons. Still just as determined, but older and a little wiser.

I braved winter storms and the howling wind, and found a place of warmth in the cold, building my home, to be a delightful place. Then came spring, where I played games of hide and seek with my kids and frolicked in the tall grass, lighting a candle to burn old ways.

The wild flowers began to sprout and I got green fingers, planting roots ready for the summer days of busy dashing here and there. Summer was a gazing glare. Eventually I got green fever, planting everywhere and now I have my first batch of tomatoes, orange, red, plump and ripe. Now the harvest of Mabon begins, make friends not foes and appreciate all the pretty things.

Aura’s all Aglow

‘Sunlight meets the darkest knight,

And they dance in equilibrium,

The starting gun it flashes,

Fire licks the brightest heart,

As colours seep onto the page,

Creatively this time, it awakens,

A season drenched in fate,

Sunlight fades and leaves the night,

Darker times of delight,

Sweaters are chainmail for the soul,

Protecting Aura’s all aglow,

As spirits start to lift the veil,

So the Harvest can begin,

Seasons change, Mabon heals,

What is truth will be revealed.’

As Autumn begins, be reminded that this is a time for creativity to flourish. It is a time for rest after the abundant summer, a period of self-reflection and spiritual healing. Practice inner healing. Create from your inner wisdom. Another year of knowing.

As a writer I am inclined to go into hermit mode during this season. I get out the cosy blankets and brainstorm new book ideas. My mind explodes with colours that are so delicately placed in harmony. As if a painter is working from a colour wheel. I find it a little overwhelming, but I love to wrap up warm with a scarf around my neck and wonder through the leaves.

I feel at peace this Autumn. Not restless or blue, but content and grateful for the world’s decisions. I may not understand why, but I trust in my divine path that stretches out in front of me, scattered with maple leaves. This year I feel like hibernating. Protection is a beautiful thing.

Written in Ink

Being a writer is a difficult profession.

It’s unpredictable

And you usually have to do a bunch of jobs,

To make ends meet.

Writers are busy people.

A bit like a one-man band.

We spend time rushing here and there.

Or we sacrifice time in the day,

To perfect our craft.

Chaotic or frustrating,

There never seem to be enough hours in the day.

In our minds,

We create storms of abstract lightning,

Across the sky,

Thinking of ways to catch the tempest,

Thinking of a thousand things a day,

And then you ask me,

Why are you so quiet? …

Well, that’s because I am a writer.

Be patient.


Happy Autumn Equinox everybody. Oh! Rest in peace Queenie, the summer sun has ended now, for a woman who made her nation proud.

Much love,


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