The days of pokey offices are over. Gone are the drab colours of beige. Outdated offices are not popular in today’s workplace. And now that employers understand the importance of their employee’s wellbeing, we are being shown the way in which design can influence offices. With modern designs to make you marvel and the unique functionality of office space, there are many ways in which the modern office can host meetings.

If you follow my blog, you may know that I am obsessed with making my business a reality. Part of my visualisation technique is to imagine my dream business. Keep imagining it Sophie and one day you’ll have a business like this. Anyway, ever the lover of modern designs and unusual buildings here are my top four modern office designs, which I’m placing straight onto my Pinterest business board.

I thought it would be fun to do an article on the quirky but practical ways that businesses can host meetings, including why each design is so good for wellbeing.

1. Go Green

Plants are beneficial for employees, they’re generally a low cost, albeit the high maintenance- you can buy ones that don’t need to be watered. Plants are an easy addition to the office, but they look aesthetically pleasing giving it a modern touch with a minimal spend.

But plants aren’t just nice to look at, studies have shown that plants actually increase productivity in the workplace. They also produce cleaner air, which is good for everyone not just asthma sufferers. They’re also good at reducing stress in the workplace and apparently increase creativity.

2. Get Colourful

Funky and colourful, adding splashes of colour make for an eye-catching scene. Perfect for creatives, colours are emotive, but did you know that people resonate with colours in different ways? For this reason colours should be utilized in the workplace, however sadly, they’re often not.

Colours promote mental stimulation as well as looking aesthetically pleasing. If you’re looking to encourage creativity, colours are an inexpensive way to do so. It also keeps employees happy and comfortable. We’re more likely to be productive in a relaxed environment.

3. Office Meeting Pods

Office meeting pods are a cool and modern addition to any office. They lower anxiety in the workplace by ensuring conversations, meetings and phone calls are kept private, while still providing an open space feel with the minimalist glass wall design. They also help to increase productivity by blocking out noisy co-workers.

They’re space saving, unique designs allow for functionality. Especially useful for employees that find it difficult to focus amongst the general hustle and bustle of work environments. Some people are not anti-social, they’re just introverted and need some space from time to time. These smaller pods would be perfect for that, a little zen space for the quieter ones.

Larger office meeting pods would be perfect for hosting meetings, providing a distraction free place for high productivity meetings. They also allow for professional sounding phone calls as they block out all the background noise.

Modern stylish and practical, office meeting pods are a perfect way to save space in your office, by creating a meeting room anywhere within an open plan office. Enclosed by a glass case they allow you to hold meetings in a modern way.

4. Just Open Plan

In contrast, go open plan. Brainstorm with blue sky thinking by using a huge white board and ample space. You could always add a pod or two. Although open space environments get some stick for decreased productivity, they make collaborations easier if they’re on a large scale.

It’s also more cost effective and they allow for more personalisation. You can customize a modern office with all of the above, but you have more scope for design with an open plan space. If your goal is to make your employees happy to create a better work environment than an open plan space is on my list.

You could even include movement in the workspace encoring employees on a space-based activity. They also improve company culture, creating a friendly environment.

It’s about time we realised, as people, we need more as employees. Our wellbeing’s are important and when that is respected it will improve our work ethic. I love all of these modern designs, be sure to follow my Pinterest account for more.

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