So, I’ve wanted to brunch here for ages, it’s called Caffe 1901 and it’s close to Manors Metro. I guess it’s like an American style diner with breakfast and brunches, like sourdough melts and homemade soup. The fragrant aura inside matched the bright pastel decor and I felt content here. It’s a small deli with a few seats outdoors too, but inside it’s warm and inviting.

I decided I was going to do Sober for October this year, so of course I had to celebrate the last day of September with a hangover. I woke up feeling like brunch might be a good hangover cure. So off I went in search of a strawberry milkshake and something filling to take away the taste of haze.

The food here was pretty decent. The milkshake cost around £4.80 and was served with a cloud of cream. But I didn’t mind so much, the rain outside was pouring down. I got soaked through on my way there so it was nice to sit somewhere warm. Even if my hair was dripping everywhere.

I liked the cute little bulb lights hanging from the ceiling and the collection of mini prints featuring Frida Kahlo. It was certainly very Insta friendly. My sourdough sandwich was okay, nothing out of the ordinary priced at £8.50. I would have liked less bread and more filling but that was a minor complaint really. It lifted me out of my heady funk.

After Party Shots

So I might have mentioned in earlier posts that living in Newcastle has made me into a bit of a party animal, although I’m trying to focus more on health and well-being these days. That being said, I wanted to talk about after party shots.

Yeah, they’re probably not the ones you were thinking of, but these shots from Potion Life are awesome. They’re like a cordial for grown-ups and they contain vitamin complexes to aid and assist with hangovers. Basically, you drink a shot by mixing it with a glass of spring water (extra hydration).

The formula has been developed by Potion Life as the ultimate hangover cure. But they didn’t just want it to work, they wanted it to tasted good too.

It contains B vitamins, Magnesium, milk thistle, willow bark, ginger and turmeric to name a few. It’s been designed with alcohol in mind, providing a complex that repairs brain function. You get six in a packet and they cost £12 – which isn’t bad for a strong vitamin complex.

It’s not technically festival season, but they’d be good for festivals too. You don’t need to add them to water if you don’t want to. An energetic little boost small enough to carry around in your pocket. Ideal for students or adults alike.

I picked the pretty flowers on my way home. The perfect hangover cure. I’d recommend both. Now a month of sober for ghostly October…

Thanks for reading,