We decided to celebrate the glorious weather by looking around the Gaia space exhibition at the Life Centre. I’ve wanted to take my daughter here for ages so I’m so glad we got to go. The Autumn air was fresh and vivid with the sun shining brightly, we were totally spoilt by the nice weather. My daughter just had to wear her gorgeous Ralph Lauren dress.

Ever the smiling and photogenetic little girl that she is, she just couldn’t resist twirling around in her floral dress. A lot like the planets, I guess. I love the floral design and the buttons down the back. It’s beautifully shaped with a v neck and flowing material. It was the last chance to wear one of her summertime dresses- something my daughter is particularly fond of.

I’m loving Ralph Lauren’s winter range of dresses and jumpsuits for girls at the moment. They always have the best style for girls. I’ve already splashed out on a whole new wardrobe for Autumn for her. I’m feeling confident and content for times ahead. I’ve just got this feeling that October is going to be amazing…

Exploring Space with my little Astronaut

The Gaia exhibition was wonderful. Gaia aka Earth is a giant work of art representing the earth. I always think the life centre hosts amazing exhibitions. I’ve been to game-on a few times with my son when he was younger. That was an exhibition on retro and modern gaming devices. He used to love that. It’s changed a little since I last visited but it’s one of those science museums that never gets borings, the exhibitions are always changing, and it is great fun for youngsters and adults alike.

When you walk in your greeted with a range of interactive activities. Including a huge rotating earth above you which is sure to get noticed from your kids. What I love about these science puzzles are the height and there are also the little foot stools dotted around, for the smaller kids which is a nice touch. My daughter is 4 and could happily interact with all the interactive exhibitions.

There’s also a craft workshop where you can get cutting, sticking and gluing. My daughter had great fun making a spaceship out of all the materials provided. She stayed here quite contently for a couple of hours and the member of staff was there to help. After she had finished her workshop creation, she was allowed to load it into the ‘drop box’ and watch it fly from the sky, she was also thrilled that she got to countdown and hit the button. “Blast off”

Upstairs there’s a wonderful play area, with toys galore, you can build houses or hide in the forest. There were even astronaut costumes for her to wear. Perfect. The lights would be a great sensory place to play, and the music was chilled out and very pleasant. I like all the different cultures; I was certainly impressed with the facilities.

Upstairs you can find mini easels and more creation stations for your little one to play with. We easily spent the best part of the day up here. And although the cafe was shut (I’m not sure if this is temporary) they didn’t mind us eating our lunch up here. Again, the staff members were really friendly and interactive with the kids and my daughter thoroughly enjoyed herself. She didn’t want to leave.

Down the long winding spiral walkway- I forgot to mention how wheelchair friendly this place is. It is really well suited for SEND. We came to the Planetarium, which is a show that runs daily, all day, so don’t worry you won’t miss it. It lasts around 15 minutes, and it was a really enjoyable experience.

We loved the Space exhibition. They had everything from the launch room, to rocket puzzles and even a pretend spaceship. This would be prefect for inquisitive little science minds. We had a great day at the Life Centre in Newcastle Upon Tyne. Situated next to Central station it’s in a great location to get to. I can’t wait for the next exhibition and their spooky science events.

At Christmas they have an open-air Ice rink which is also worth checking out. Tickets cost £40 for a family of 4. They also host birthday parties; my son had a couple of birthdays here and the staff are always wonderful. I would thoroughly recommend the life Centre this Halloween if you have youngsters and are looking for activities. The life Centre doesn’t dissapoint.

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