A Libra Full Moon of Possibilities and a World of Wild

There’s a full moon in Libra tonight, and it’s shining bright. The moon card in Tarot is full of mystery intrigue and the unknown, it’s enigmatic energy always brings out the wild side of people. Vivid dreams, that feel unimaginable and yet strangely real, emotions that run high, and with manifestations that finally become a reality, the moonlight is a time of delight.

How many moons have already passed this year? Time feels like it is flying by, unnervingly fast, like a supersonic blazing trail of infinite possibilities on the dusky horizon. I am reminded today of living life like it’s my last day on earth and feeling empowered to stand in my power, like a moon goddess.

We shouldn’t waste our time on worry or by gone memories from our fleeting past that weigh us down. Like an empress, stand in your power and claim your reality. The empress wears a crown of twelve stars to show her connection to the mystical realm. She calls on you tonight to embrace your feminine energy.

Of course, with the cost-of-living crisis, and people struggling everywhere, as an empath it is difficult to come to terms with what is happening in the world right now. But I will tonight at least, find some time to switch off in the moonlight and meditate. I am running a spiritual bath as I write this, to cleanse my aura.

This Autumn has been busy so far, and while I am excited by all the new projects, I am taking on this season, today I am grateful to just have a down day, just to take some time out for my soul and ground myself a little.

With ample success comes great responsibility and I’d be lying if I said this year hasn’t felt draining to me. It’s moved too fast. Still, I’ve been hired as a content creator, so I guess I can say that I am a social media professional now, which is something I could have never predicted, but manifested so, I’ll take that glow up.

While I’m thrilled to have a new job role, that I can still do from home- as it means I can continue with my blogging journey, the thought of now having a business and a job is a little overwhelming- even if it is my dream job. I guess that visualisation really works.

And of course, then there are my travels to Italy, which I have manifested for a year, I am so excited to be exploring my dream place, that in itself feels like I am jumping into a mystic realm of autumn dreams.

I celebrated my new win by treating myself to some new clothes, for the first time in ages and took some snaps, of my Empress energy, it’s been a while since I published a photography post. I love the cute material on the sleeves, they remind me of something witchy, and the leather wet look- I can’t wait to rock this in Milan.

Finally, the relief of having a steady income for winter is a huge weight off my shoulders- especially going into the cost-of-living crisis in the UK. I wrote this poem yesterday thinking about it, so I thought I’d share…

A Saturn Timepiece

A thousand hearts could stoke division,

One million minds to make a decision,

Tune in, black and white, pale blue,

Watching billions of pixels on a screen,

Blinking with big eyes and a pristine,

crystal cut gaze, while they’re brainwashing,

They’re always watching,

Don’t question the narrative, in time you’ll see,

Look at your watch and follow Saturn,

Fall down the rabbit hole, pay your taxes,

We all sleep while the government collapses.

Autumn divisions and psychic feelings under the libra full moon, cosmic blessings under the heavens and quell the storms of stress, remember you are blessed under the light of the moon.

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