It’s World Mental Health Day 2022 Let’s fight the Stigma…

It’s the 10th of October and it’s world mental health day. Last week was such a busy week for me, but I wanted to share a post today because mental health is important and it’s something I am passionate about- and blog a lot about here on Starting Today. I thought I’d share 10 posts I’ve written on mental health…

Of course, this August I also launched my poetry collection to raise money for mental health on Amazon.

It’s a collection of poems based on a breakdown. I wanted to try and bring some light back into people’s lives by writing something heartwarming about such a difficult topic, whilst also creating awareness for mental health.

I published a reel on Instagram recently, highlighting my own struggle with a mixed depressive and anxiety disorder, which is kind of what inspired me to start blogging in the first place. You can view it below. What I will say is that it takes courage to talk about mental health. I think mainly because so many people view it as a weakness…

Ten Posts to Read on my Blog about Mental Health

My first post is about depression, I share some thoughts on depression in my post nobody’s shadow is flattering. The shadow I was referring to I guess is that part of you that follows you everywhere when you have mental health issues, unshakable, you must be unbreakable.

Read Nobody’s Shadow is Flattering

Second up, I have a poem about emotional abuse. I wanted to write something that soothed the soul. So often in life, we are bound by unhealthy shackles of judgement, and we all deserve to be free of that.

Read A Poem about Emotional Abuse

Next, read my book review of the powerful book by Beverly Engel called healing from the shame you don’t deserve. This book was really eye-opening to me and it teaches you how to heal yourself, I’d really recommend reading it.

Read Healing from the Shame you don’t Deserve

A post I then wrote inspired by what I had read called recovering from emotional abuse. A difficult topic to talk about but one that is ultimately necessary if we are to crush stigma and identify abuse for future generations.

Read Recovering from Emotional Abuse

Next, a post I wrote about stigma itself and taking a look at society itself. This is where the stigma against mental health came from. I want it to be known that mental health matters.

Read Mental Health Matters

I wanted to write something from the standpoint of someone with mental health issues. It’s something I know all too well, often people say mental health suffers are “too much to handle” and they’d be right, we are, but I discuss why mental health isn’t a bad thing.

Read When you’re too much to Handle, living with a Big Personality

If you would like to read more of my poetry and help to raise money for mental health, you can find out more about my collection of poetry available on Amazon.

Read A New Collection of Poetry for Mental Health

In eighth place is my post about setting boundaries and why they’re important. Boundaries are important because they teach people how you want to be treated.

Read What are Boundaries and why are they so Important

Next, is a post about healing from narcissistic abuse, it’s not easy and trauma can last a lifetime, however, I discuss the fundamental basics of a strong relationship and the pillars I have created to address if any relationship is healthy. People with mental health issues are vulnerable so you must learn to protect your energy.

Read Is my relationship really a relationship?

Lastly, I wanted to end with something positive, I talk about battling with low self-esteem when I was younger, and how I transformed that into something positive.

Read A confident Journey into the Abyss

Thanks for reading,

Enjoy and share my post today so we can share awareness and crush the stigma around mental health.


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