I’ve been foraging for autumn delights today, in the last of the hazy sunshine. With the fresh Tomatoes we collected I made bruschetta- I’m getting ready for my trip to Italy. It has been so long since I travelled (I’m talking pre-pandemic) so I am very excited. While I’m away, however, I thought it would be apt to get a tracking device for the car. I got the 4G GPS Tracker from Amazon, so I thought I’d write a review.

But first, seeing as it’s Autumn, would this season even be complete without a beautiful black cat? It amazes me, the skills my parents have when it comes to gardening, after my visit to their home this weekend I was surprised by everything they have managed to grow. This year they even have grapes from a grapevine they planted years ago, it has finally begun to fruit, and with which they intend to make their own wine. I am most envious.

Also, I’ve got my name on a bottle of that wine! I did help pick the grapes after all. Genuinely, I have no idea how they manage to brew all of their own alcohol, but they are very talented indeed. Self-sufficiency is a talent in this day and age. No nasty chemicals are allowed here.

My First Impressions

So, it’s my first GPS tracker, ever, and I was spoiled for choice on Amazon, I decided after some research to go for this one, firstly, I liked the look of all the extra features and secondly, I liked that it had 90 days of battery life. That would last perfectly while I’m away travelling.

The box itself was sleek and the delivery was pretty fast but I’m an Amazon prime member so that’s standard, I guess. The PAJ GPS Tracker cost me £149.99 but I know that it will give me some piece of mind while I’m away, so I didn’t mind the price tag so much. I figured that it was 4G technology, so it was better than the other trackers I was looking at. You get what you pay for I suppose. It might be more expensive but if I’m in Italy I want to know that my car is safe.

The GPS Power Finder

On opening the box, the product was well protected. I was surprised to see that it was a two-pin plug, but luckily, I had a plug adaptor lying around. I thought this was worth mentioning, however, as you may want to purchase one with it. As it’s a German company, it’s efficient but it’s made for continental sockets. You only need to charge it once every 90 days though, so I didn’t mind that.

In terms of how much energy it used, I charged it for two hours, and it didn’t cost much on the smart meter. It’s quite heavy to hold and is approximately the size of a phone, but it’s also magnetic which means it has an extremely good hold on vehicles. I can see why this would be good for a motorbike. It also says it’s splash proof which would be good outdoors.

I suppose I won’t have to worry about the weather using it in a car; however, I like that it’s robust and built to last, meaning I shouldn’t have to purchase another one- which is also good for the environment. The advert looked pretty high-tech- saying it was unlike any other tracking device out there, so I was really interested to try it out. It said it was “years ahead of anything available on the market today.” I can see why it’s so popular.

After it was sufficiently charged, (it was 2/3 charged when it arrived) I installed it in the car which was pretty easy. I’m going, to be honest; this finder is easy- even for me. The instructions came in a variety of languages and were easy to read.

Once I’d popped it in the car, I downloaded the PAJ app. There are a few subscriptions available, ranging from £3.75 to £5.99 per month, I just went for the standard one, however, you could get access to more features if you wanted.

I like the feature of being able to find your car, with the 4G satellite technology you get accurate and precise readings, so if you lose your car when you park it, you can literally find it, even somewhere like a car park. You can also plan routes and add locations via the app which is great for route tracking.

The app itself is really easy to use and you can easily navigate through all the functions. With live tracking, you can keep your vehicle safe with accurate pinpoint locations. There are even notifications to alert you when the speed limit is exceeded.

All in all, I think this was a great little purchase. I thought it would make an excellent gift for Christmas, or simply if you’re concerned with the safety of your vehicle. To find out more about the PAJ GPS Tracker visit their website.

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