You should know by now that I flipping love coffee. Well, actually I’d say that I probably drink way too much of it. I did the pro plus challenge recently, which was difficult to say the least. Giving up drinking caffeine for two weeks was probably harder than not drinking alcohol! -and that’s saying something. Still, at least it felt good to have a detox but, nothing could stop me from drinking coffee again. My love for coffee knows no bounds, however there is one big downside to drinking coffee, and that is what it does to your teeth, so that’s why I was really excited to to try Supernova’s teeth-whitening product, The Kit.

When it comes to coffee, I’m a grab and go kind of gal. It’s a photographers companion, a way to warm your cold hands during Autumn. I just don’t think I could go without it, but the problem is, if you’re a content creator, coffee is kind of annoying when you’re creating content when you’re out and about. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve filmed a video for social media and checked it when I got home, only to find the dreaded coffee smile.

One of my favourite coffee blends, is from a local artisan business called Tynemouth Coffee Co. True story, I used to work as a barista for a while, and I miss the smell of fresh ground coffee in the mornings. I love the hard as nails blend, and rocket fuel is another favourite, or if your looking for decaff, nee caffeine hinny is another winner. As you can tell they’re all in Geordie. We like our coffee strong here up north!

I went for a lovely wonder along the coast yesterday. It was fresh and bright. Especially on the ferry, when I crossed the river. I don’t know why, but I feel calmer on boats, there’s something about the chaotic wind swirling around you while you enjoy the view that wakes you up, well, that and a strong coffee I guess. It was nice having something warm to hold on to while I was blasted by the sea spray.

I’m going to Italy for a month soon! I’m going to have to get used to not drinking milk in coffee after breakfast, oh, and ordering a coffee to drink at the bar rather than taking it out. I’m sure the taste will make up for it, however. The thought of being in Italy in less than two weeks has got me smiling so much. In fact, I’m beaming.

I popped into the Customs House on the way, I like the little cafe/ bar, Bella, it was pleasant. A little theatre house by the river. It looked like there were some good events on, if only I had time to go to the theatre! There just aren’t enough hours in the day. I could see this being a good little night out, but I didn’t stop.

What I will say, which is kind of a massive down side to drinking coffee, especially if you’re a Content Creator is that drinking it often, stains your teeth. When I shoot for my personal Insta account, I always have to drink my coffee with a straw that morning, and when it comes to filming content, drinking coffee when I’m out and about, well, it’s just hella annoying.

I’ve tried a few products recently, like charcoal toothpaste, and pearl drops whitening toothpaste, but no matter how much I brush it just doesn’t seem to give my teeth that next level when it comes to whitening. I’ve thought about getting them whitened professionally, but it’s really expensive and it’s also phenomenally difficult to get a dentist appointment in the UK right now. There’s a waiting list of a year at my new dentist. Weird side effect of the pandemic- okay, rant over.

Anyway, I’ve seen those UV light kits advertised on Tik Tok and I’ve been dying to try one to see if they actually work. I was over the moon that social cat linked me up with Supernova oralcare and they sent me The Kit to try out.


I need to be myself
I can’t be no one else
I’m feeling supersonic
Give me gin and tonic
You can have it all but
How much do you want it

Lyrics by Oasis

Smiling Bright like a Supernova

I’ll be honest, I couldn’t wait to try the teeth-whitening kit. I had high hopes for it and I really hoped it wasn’t just another TikTok gimmick. I already use UV light on my face, so I kind of thought it would work but often viral products come with a sting.

On opening the box there was:

  • 4 x formula pens
  • 1 x mouth piece with wire
  • 2 x wire adapters to fit into smart phones
  • A whitening scale to measure results
  • 1 x little booklet

It was pretty easy to set up. I washed the mouthpiece- which reminds me of a gum shield, like one I used to wear playing hockey. Attractive, I know. Then I clipped on the correct adapter to fit into my iphone. I had to twist the pen a fair few times to get the formula to come out. After brushing my teeth I applied the formula with the little brush to each tooth.

I then pressed the button on the wire and the UV lights turn on for 10 minutes before beeping and turning off, I thought this was a good feature so you could keep an eye on how long you used it. I also liked how you can use your phone whilst using it. This is super handy for me, because I can edit content on my phone while I whiten my teeth, meaning I could fit it easily into my routine each day. I made a reel of my first attempt.

As you can see I noticed at least four shade lighter after my first attempt. I then decided to keep using it daily to see if I could notice a difference. Which I totally did! This thing actually works, I can’t believe my luck.

The kit itself is very light and it’s easy to transport around. Supernova Oralcare also gave me a discount code for an exclusive time only to get 25% off.

Shop here and enter the code @startingtodayblog at the checkout to receive 25% off (limited time only).

The results

I’ve used this product for a week now, and I’ve notice huge results. I’m also taking it to Italy with me because it’s so light. I love it so much because it’s helped me to get rid of that self conscious coffee smile! I’d really recommend it and it’s a much cheaper alternative to professional teeth-whitening! Now, all I have to do is get on that plane, and I can drink as many espressos as I like.

Thanks for reading.

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