Dancing with Abstract Photography in the Acrylic Rain

Sometimes, life can look like a painting and as I’m creative, I tend to see the beauty in the things that others cannot. I am fascinated by industry and nature, combined together. I like the thick robust steel of industry or fishing boats next to the water. I am not at peace unless I am near the water’s edge or have a camera in my hand to take photographs, even with an abstract nature.

The other night, it was misty and so atmospheric, I had to take some photographs. I liked how the light bounced off the water like abstract streaks cascading down to the shore. It has been so long since I painted anything, but I think that’s why I love photography so much, it’s a way to momentarily capture things, in the hope that I can revisit them later. I’ve always been drawn to the abstract. I think abstract teaches you to see things in other ways. It invokes imagination and I like that.

The rain was pouring, and I got soaked, but there was just something magical about the scene around me, like I had walked into a painting, which made me stop dead in my tracks and take in the surroundings. As the sleet came down, I stood on the pier which moved because of the flowing water below. It reminded me of something from a horror movie in a way, the industrial clanging in the background, but this was surely the calm before the storm.

I thought my set of photographs were fitting, seeing as Halloween is in a week. I don’t often take photographs at night but this time I just had to. Maybe it’s because the witching hour is getting close, but there was so much atmosphere here, it made me feel alive, dancing with abstract in the acrylic rain.

Life is Abstract

Hidden by public desire, a mystical world in the depths of fire. Orbs that fall, full of grace despite the moon feeling out of place, how many times have I cried, or lost the world because of blurred eyes? Hidden from view the world prevails, steel and timber merged with nature and an era like no other. Painted cladding and the Tories collapsing, as winter approaches, be kind and thoughtful. Learn to see the beauty all around you. Find peace with the little things and tap into your creativity. Fuck consumerism and the money.

Dancing in the Acrylic Rain

Golden orbs of falling delight,

Magic glow from the moon so bright,

Stripes of glaze and flares of ash,

Reflecting by the water’s edge,

Sculpted by the palette knife,

Golden curls of distant waves,

And rolling mist to set the scene,

A stormy sea of seafoam veins,

The curtains open once again,

The act unfolds, thickly painted,

Blurred by petroleum blue,

Details dancing in the night air,

In a kaleidoscope of acrylic rain,

Shuddering mystic wet and raw,

Covered in shadow, sleet and spray,

Wet pink skin all soaked through,

An exhale of breath that escapes,

Like forbidden fruit, bitten and sweet,

Splattered on the page like abstract,

Then the booming thunder clapped.

Finding my Passion

I love blogging but I’m looking forward to having a month off to do some travelling and of course work on my photography. I studied film and have always had a love for cinematography, I try to put these passions into my Instagram accounts, they’re kind of a passion project I guess, a way to cope with daily stress, the world around me and a way to put my emotions into something productive.

Photography came later in my life; it was a quick creative solution to fit into my busy life. I still get frustrated with skills sometimes, I wish I had perused my creativity instead of a career when I was younger, so the luxury of having a month to work on them, fills me with absolute joy. It will be a time of reflection for me I guess, and I am looking forward to returning from my trip, bursting with passion for blogging once more.

Finally, I just wanted to say that I know life is tough at the moment. In the UK we are seeing the collapse of our government and political system as we know it. The cost-of-living crisis is seeing families being plunged into poverty. While bankers are awarded huge bonuses, I know times are difficult, and we are walking into unfair times, but I just wanted to share my passion projects today, while it can take some adjusting, we don’t need consumerism. Fuck the money, be creative instead.

Thanks for reading.

Be blue and creative too.

Find beauty in everything around you.


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