One of my favourite places to visit is the Baltic Centre for contemporary art, located on Gateshead quayside, you get a marvellous view of the many bridges along the water.

It’s a free art gallery, but donations are welcome. And they host many events. It’s particularly good for kids, so it’s somewhere my daughter and I like to visit frequently.

Seeing as it’s Halloween, my daughter and I decided to attend the clay monster workshop.

My daughter loved getting her hands on clay and sculpting a scary dragon. We were given a large lump of clay and then asked to add it to a public sculpture. The idea being they would make one huge monster.

This event was totally free, which is unusual in today climate, so it gets a thumbs up from us. Plus it saved me having to clean up loads of scary mess at home. A chance to socialise while you create, something so important for kids.

I think it’s really important to allow kids to be creative. That’s why I take my kids to art galleries. If you can immerse your children in creativity from a young age they develop a healthy relationship with it. Creativity should be expressed. Just as emotions should be.

There are ever changing modern art exhibitions with something different to be marvelled at. It’s well worth a visit. Last year they had ice play and little city sculpture for kids. We also went to the Holi festival of colours which was good fun.

Finally, other than the fantastic views, I think it’s amazing that the Baltic are offering a free warm space for the public this year. I wanted to mention it because I know many people will be struggling with their heating Bills this year.

It’s a great place to visit, so get warmed up this winter and enjoy some art. There’s even free coffee and juice downstairs and they let you eat food from home, perfect for families.

Thanks for reading,

Happy Halloween.