Well, I never thought I’d set foot in Milan, the fashion capital of Italy, let alone on Halloween!
Oh, my goodness what fun that was! And speaking of fun 🤩 here’s Gemma with her fun sustainable 90s inspired fashion from Warrior & Feral – I just love it. Day 9 #MyNovemberTakeover


Hi, I’m Gemma and I run the Fun and Functional Sustainable clothing brand Warrior & Feral. My brand is all about clothing that fits in with today’s modern world, with a nineties twist. I wanted to create clothes that you could throw on for the school run or for working from home. Clothes that move with you and not against you.

And clothes that are not only good for you- but are good for the environment too. That brings me to the sustainable part. 

All the clothes we sell are made out of organic cotton in a renewable energy powered factory. 

They are printed on demand, so there is no waste. And once an item is worn through, it can be returned to be re-used in the creation of new products – creating a circular economy. Even the website uses renewable energy powered servers. We are a modern brand paving the way for a new kind of fashion.

For Autumn, our unisex beanie hat will definitely bring out that nineties vibe. They are perfect for pulling on to hide messy hair as you dash out the house. A last-minute date with friends? No problem, we’ve got you covered.

For winter, we’ve got the perfect layer in the form of hoodies; they can be worn on top of our t-shirts and worn under winter coats.

Our hoodies and sweatshirts are ideal for wearing inside the hoose. And with the cost of energy prices at the moment – yikes! It’s definitely time to ‘put a sweatshirt on’. We’ve got some fab Christmas themed ones to lift your mood this winter too. We’re from up north so we like to talk Geordie here. These one-of-a-kind jumpers would make a fun and unique gift for loved ones this Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas, if you’ve got any retro game loving kids – our retro gaming themed tees make ideal Christmas presents! Buy them as their ‘something to wear’ while they get back to gaming. Sustainable clothing for the next generation.

“As consumers we have so much power to change the world by just being careful in what we buy”

Emma Watson, actress and environmental activist.

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