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Today I’ve got the lovely Yanibel who writes a fashion and lifestyle blog based in New York. She’s shared her amazing article with us, on how to use confidence to turn a gifted promotion, into a paid collaboration. Something I know all bloggers will find useful! This gal amazes me, show her some support. Thanks for sharing Yanibel x


How to turn gifting into a paid collaboration:

Many content creators are afraid to ask for their worth, and the reason behind this is that they are genuinely scared of getting rejected by brands. I personally believe if you don’t ask for your worth, you will never be able to know if the brand has a budget.

I have worked in gift-based promotions and sometimes the brands come back and expect you to work for free, nothing in life is free, that’s why I always ask the brand “do you have a budget for this?

In this case, since I already worked as a gifted-based promotion, I explain to them that creating content takes time and I deserve to get paid for my work! As I spoke these exact words, the brand understood where I was coming from and decided to pay me.

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How to word it to get paid collaborations:

Here are some examples for you to land your first paid collaboration, after developing your skills as a creator:

If you are a new creator, remember to work with brands on a gifted basis until you have built an audience that can possibly buy your products or support you. 

Example 1:

“my followers love skincare products, fashion, etc. I love to talk about the
possibility of working together as it would be a great way to increase your
awareness. Some ideas that I have in mind for the paid campaign would be sharing
reels, and how I used this product in my daily life, I can also talk about the product
on my stories and an eye-catching reel. I would be happy to set up a time so we can talk about it so we can discuss

Example 2:
“Thank you so much for taking the time to get back to me. I am only available to
create paid sponsorship. I would love to discuss my ideas with you. Here is some
of my previous work.”

Example 3:
“Thank you so much for reaching out to me. as in
Right now, I am only focusing on paid sponsorship. Here are some of my insights.
based in_____ my followers are usually from New York etc_______
My rate for the following $_____for a post and for a video it would be $_____ . Is
there any room in your budget to accommodate, or is there something else you have
in mind?”
Thank you,

Thanks for Reading, now go get those paid collaborations!

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