As a mother of two, I’m no stranger to waking up in the middle of the night, wondering about things that are out of my control, such as my kids and their futures. Since the Pandemic, people have really been changing their lifestyles and habits, we’ve had everything from stock piling the cupboards, to starting home businesses and even a sudden wave of early (or forced retirements) It sure shook things up. But interestingly, I think that jolt of fear, woke everyone up a little.

Recently I’ve found myself wondering more and more, what will happen to my kids if I die? So this Christmas I decided to take out a life Insurance plan, mainly for my own peace of mind, but also because I wanted something firmly in place, for their future, as I’m in my early thirties, it was also really affordable.

Now as much as I hate to sound morbid, this year some things have happened in my life that have ultimately changed me a little. Sudden bereavements in the family which came from nowhere, and which were made worse due to a lack of funeral insurance. While I have been sad, and also in mourning this year, I guess these shocking events also made me realise that life is worth living- hence that trip to Italy.

However, it gave me a different perspective on things. I saw the stress of having to pay money for a funeral nobody could afford, during an economic crisis- and I mean, who knows how much worse this recession thing is going to get? It was definitely an unexpected expense during what I can only describe as an unbearably sad time. It made me realise however, just how necessary things like insurance are.

And that’s why I started waking up in the middle of the night, wondering about my kids and if I could support them once I’ve gone. So that was when I decided to invest in an affordable term life insurance plan. I think with something like insurance, it’s important to do some research. I mean, when it comes to my children, I want to make sure they are covered. It’s worth researching because, you want a plan that’s affordable and also does what it says it’s going to.

An affordable term life insurance plan to sing about

It might not sound like a Christmas present that you can wrap up with a big bow and stick under the Christmas tree, but it’s stopped my sleepless nights, once and for all, well that, and CBD tea. I think that having that one little stress gone from my life has helped, incredibly. I didn’t realise how much it was stressing me out. It’s not that I’m expecting to die anytime soon, I mean hello– I still have to make my first million. I’m not giving up on visualisation just yet, it’s just that nagging feeling, what if something did happen and I died? At least now I know that my kids will have some kind of financial stability after I’m gone.

I shopped around a lot, but what I liked about Fabric’s plan in particular, was that it was especially designed for families. It comes with an easy, manageable and scroll worthy app, so you can keep an eye on your insurance policy and how much you’ve saved for your kids. It’s also 100% digital so it fits into my post-apocalyptic busy whirlwind of a life. It’s a savings app, so you can save for rainy days, or your kids going to university, you can even invest!

Of course it comes with a 30 day cooling off period and a money-back guarantee, if you change your mind, but I mean really, why would you? I’m gonna be honest here, I’m totally satisfied with mine, I was able to tailor an affordable plan and decide how many years I wanted to invest.

I think life insurance would be great for someone with a family that doesn’t own property, or even someone with debt. I don’t think that gets mentioned much, but it’s true, you could provide an amazing start for a child in your life if something terrible did happen. It’s certainly something to think about this Christmas.

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With multiple five star ratings online, Fabric, you’ve got another one from me. This Christmas you’ve given me a clear mind, a strong plan in place for my kids and the gift of reassurance.

Bravo, and do you know something? This was one of those rare sensible adult decisions I made. You don’t need a near death experience to take out life insurance.

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