The New Year is approaching and I for one can’t be happier about that. This year has been a tough one, but you know what they say, out with the old and in with the new. I’m looking forward to doing up my home in the New Year. Other than the carpets (which didn’t exactly go so well) and the garden I haven’t really done much to my home, since I moved in.

I bought the paint and chose the wallpaper and then I guess working life got in the way, and I shoved it in a cupboard and forgot about it. But it’s a little project I’m looking forward to, a new home for a new year. It’s about time I settled in.

One thing I will say is that I’m not the best at decorating, I find it stressful, to be honest. I’m a perfectionist and I get frustrated easily, especially with my decorating skills. Hey, we can’t be good at everything. If I can afford it, I think I’ll hire some professionals to do it. I like that neat look to a home, especially one that’s been freshly decorated.

Anyway, today I have a guest post about skirting boards. They’re one of those little details in a room that gives it that finished look. They’re important, but I guess it’s something you overlook. You notice things like that in adulthood. Note to self, I must stop living like a university student. I might add it to my New Year’s resolutions. Oh, and if you haven’t already read my post on renovation tips for your home.

4 Reasons why you need Skirting Boards when renovating a home

Whether you’ve noticed them or not, 99% of homes you will have visited over the years have skirting boards of some kind – but why?

Are skirting boards simply there as decoration, as a way to make a room look finished? Or, do they have more of a practical purpose to them?

Perhaps you simply want to know out of curiosity. Or perhaps you have a renovation project in mind and are wondering whether you need to spend money on something seemingly for decorative purposes only.

Whatever your reason for wanting to know this answer, hopefully, this article will give you the insight you’re looking for.

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For Decoration Purposes In Your Home

Skirting boards are great for decoration in a space. Whether they’re small and streamlined, or tall and more of a feature piece.

They create the perfect join between the wall and the floor and make a room look finished and well thought out.

You could leave your skirting boards bare and natural looking, or paint them to match your door frames and coving.

You could even paint them a slightly different shade from the colour on your walls to make them really stand out.

With so many great styles to choose from these days, there’s something to suit everyone’s personal style and preferences. Skirting World has a great selection of both MDF and pine skirting boards to choose from.

Hiding Cables & Wires

A great way to hide those unsightly wires and cables is to either hide them under the flooring or to hide them behind the skirting boards.

Running them behind the skirting boards is a great way to get wires from one side of a room to another without them being seen, yet placing them close to plug sockets for when needed.

Another reason to do this is if you have young children or pets that like to chew or play with things. Hiding them out of sight takes the temptation out of it, and makes it safer too!

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To Hide Blemishes

Years ago, the sole purpose for having skirting boards was to hide the base of walls where either the plaster hadn’t been finished, or to hide blemishes left near the joins.

These days, skirting boards are also used to help stop any nasty drafts coming out from underneath the walls. There is often a gap left between the bottom of the wall and the floor meaning a cold breeze can easily find its way out.

By using skirting boards, you’re essentially filling the gap and helping to keep your home as warm and insulated as possible.

Protecting The Base Of Your Walls

Skirting boards are great at helping to protect the base of your walls from everyday life.

Things such as vacuum cleaners bumping against them, accidentally knocking them when rearranging furniture, or simply having a home full of children racing about. Your skirting boards are providing the base of your walls with some extra protection.

Plus, skirting boards are much easier to repair or replace than a section of wall should damage occur.

Do you have skirting boards in your home? If so, are they there for practical reasons or more for decorative reasons?

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So there you have it, I feel like I’ve solved the great mystery of why we have skirting boards. I officially feel like I’ve mastered this adult thing. It turns out they’re more than just decorative features- and I like that they protect pets and kids, which is really important when you think about it.

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