One of the best parts of living in Newcastle is the art scene. We have an amazing selection of art galleries, street art and art events. One of the best has to be the Baltic centre for contemporary art. It’s free to enter, although donations are welcome. They also have a free warm space for the public to get out of the cold, oh and free coffee and juice for the little ones.

They have ever changing exhibitions here, and they put on great workshops for the kids during the holidays which I blog about frequently. I’ll link up some posts below. However, I went here on my own the other week, before the chaos of the half term descended and I really enjoyed an exhibition that I’ve wanted to see for ages!

The Hinterlands exhibition was dreamy, and I got lost in there for at least an hour, I like days like that, days where you find something that speaks to your soul. I decided to take myself on a date, it was nearly Valentine’s day after all. It was just some time out to enjoy, a little something for myself. If you haven’t taken yourself out on a date, I’d thoroughly recommend it. Also don’t forget to read my post 5 steps to self-care this Valentines Day.

First of all I went to Taco Bell, I haven’t had tacos since I visited America and I thought why not, as much as I love my health, I also like food, I am an ex-chef after all, so I figured I’d try it out. It brought some of those American vibes back, which was nice seeing as it was such a cold day in February. The joy’s of living in the North East.

I like to make mini vlogs on Instagram, so don’t forget to follow me on there for more of my days out. The Baltic shared my reel on their Instagram story which was neat! The exhibition looked at our relationship with nature and the idea of lost traditions, such as fokelore and witchcraft. It was right up my street. I also have a new blog called Mystic Musings, so don’t forget to check that out if you like astrology.

Anyway, to read more about events at the Baltic, you can try my posts a warm space for the public this winter at the Baltic and a revolution for hair care, or try The Baltic Holi festival of colours.

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