Do you desire that snatched hourglass waist look that’s so on trend at the moment? Well keep reading, because I’ve got a review to share on this cute bodywear and I’m just going to come out and say it, prepare to be amazed. I lost a good couple of inches off my waist which means my figure hugging friends make my jeans fit nicely.

Reasonably priced, these cute bod wear styles give the impression of an hour glass waist. They keep you hugged in so tight and because of the bodysuit design you no longer have to wear a bra! Yeah, that means at the end of the day you don’t have to complain about wanting to take that bra off. Comfy and stylish I was so excited to try shapely.

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So these super stretchy body suits are really simple to put on, you simply step into them and pull them up. They have a clasp fitting, instead of buttons which is so good! You know that you’ll be supported through the day and that you’re not going anywhere, if you know what I mean? There is really soft lining so don’t worry about the clasps, they’re just there to make sure you get the best out of your bodywear.

There are a variety of cute styles, the black bodysuit I bought for example doesn’t have clasps and is more of a swimsuit style, but I love the design. It looks so cute paired with jeans or a cute skirt! I’d happily wear this as is, instead of it being supportive shapewear.

In terms of size the website recommend going down a size for a more snatched look, so I’ll leave that up to you. I did, I went for a medium, which I was a little worried about being curvy and only 5ft 2! Anyway the shapewear from Shapely arrived fairly quickly, it could have been quicker but living in the UK at the moment, just about everything I have ordered recently has been delayed so I’m not going to hold it against Shapely.

The body itself is really comfy, again I was a little worried about something hugging me tight all day but the material is really stretchy yet flattering. It gives you a really gentle hug in the right places which is why I was so shocked when I tried on my jeans. I literally lost two inches off my waist and I was not expecting those results. It wasn’t until I tried on my usual clothes that I could really see the results.

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Anyway, getting back to my review, I’m really excited to be sharing these. The beige bodysuit is obviously skin coloured so I can use it under my summer dresses. I can’t wait for that! But my absolute favourite part about them, is like I mentioned earlier, that you don’t have to wear a bra.

Perfect for summer and boy! Would I have loved these when I worked in kitchens in the sweltering heat as a chef? You bet ya! I’m actually upset that these weren’t around then, they would of saved me soo much agony. Modern, practical and built for women, I love my new shapewear from Shapely. Having a big chest they also keep me supported and give my chest area a nice shape, which is difficult to find in shapewear, I must admit.

I give them a 9/10 deducting 1 point for the delivery- I wish I’d had them sooner (around 4 years ago)! But in all seriousness I can’t recommend these bodysuits enough.

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You can thank me later.


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