Spring is always associated with the new, and it’s so satisfying to redecorate your home with something fresh and vibrant, don’t you agree? The staleness of winter, which feels like it lasted forever this year, has gone, and finally we can look forward to a change of seasons. It’s time for a Wychwood Season, so let me share some basic tips to show you how easy it is, to start collecting art.

Of course, redecorating is always an essential part of spring, whether it’s choosing new wallpaper, painting the walls, or adding some new colour. I think it has to do with the sun, when the sun starts shining again, I know that it always gives me a burst of energy, which I like to use to redecorate my home. However let me ask you something, when was the last time you bought some new art?

Well, Wychwood Art has become my go-to place to discover affordable art, prints, and of course to find new artists! I’ve found two artists which I think would complement any home, these images would go with a variety of decors and I just love the style.

Colourful Art Prints to Brighten up any Apartment

These two art prints by Phil Greenwood are simply stunning. I love the simple colour pallets and details, they remind me of the seasons autumn and summer, and personally I think they complement each other perfectly. They kind of remind me of Italy, so it’s bringing back fond memories of my travels around that beautiful country.

I like when art does that. It captures something within our minds or hearts and just adds a great deal of character to any home. Art should be there to entice your eyes and flood you with emotions. What I like best about Phil Greenwood is that he only uses three colours per print. He adds depth by using a deeper etch or by overprinting.

His unique style is sure to catch anybody’s eye and he’s even been featured in the Tate Gallery in London. This Landscape artist creates etching prints with a great range of tones. These affordable prints would make an excellent addition to any budding art collector’s home.

Buy Affordable Art with Wychwood

Wychwood Art is a fantastic site for art collectors looking for an affordable way to buy art. They have an extensive range of artists and work closely with each one to source the finest prints and paintings.

They offer affordable paintings which make show stopping additions to any home. From coastal paintings to landscapes, abstract and more, Wychwood Art will provide what you’re looking for. They also sell cute art, which would make amazing gifts and they are priced under £100.

I particularly love this silk screen print, I think I might just have to buy it! My cat absolutely has an ego like this.

How to Become an Art Collector

If you’re new to collecting art, there are a few things you can do when choosing a new piece to add to your collection.

First of all, you should know that art is personal to you. When people come round and admire your art, what they are actually admiring is a part of your character, that you have chosen to display. In this way, you should know that there is no wrong choice when it comes to collecting art. Trust your instincts and choose something that feels personal to you.

Secondly, you should consider the space that you are buying for. For example, is it a dark area or does it collect the light? In this way you should choose something that either brightens the room, or complements the shadow. It’s also important to consider lighting, as overtime, it could cause damage to your art. You should take into account the framing size of the image and how it will hang on the wall.

Finally, remember that art does not have to compliment your furniture, it can add contrast to any room, making interesting and contradictory depth to any interior design.

Collecting art should be seen as an investment, not only for financial reasons, but for your interior space and life also! Buying prints from your favourite artist is a great way to start a collection, and also at a much lower cost. When you have gained a taste for what you like, consider moving onto paintings.

So, my final choice, for that springtime styling, which is sure to brighten up any home, as the paintings are specifically painted to evoke happiness, is the artist Nicky Chubb. If you’re a lover of seasons like me, you will love this style. With an extravagant use of colour, these bold paintings, with big open skies will add a certain depth to any room.

I love how these painting create a stimulating environment for the viewer. I also chose these two images to show you the difference between adding a painting in a light or dark space. The painting on the left would work well somewhere with bright lighting. The eclectic use of colours would really stand out here. The image on the left would brighten any dark space, as the gold resin would reflect the light.

I hope I have given you some handy tips on how to collect art today, and the confidence to start purchasing paintings for your home.

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