I saw a double rainbow yesterday, for the first time-ever, but it just happened to be when I was in a built up area. That always happens to me, but being a photographer, I still had to grab some photographs. The background wasn’t great, there were a few ugly building, and some cars, it was unfortunate timing, but, I still wanted to share the double rainbow, and all it’s awesomeness. I used some apps to create these digital photographs.

I love using the iphone 12 pro max, especially when it’s golden hour. It’s such a fantastic camera, and it’s super handy to grab it when you can see an opportunity for a photograph.

I use a few apps for editing, the most recent app I’ve downloaded is Instories, it gives you loads of professional templates for editing content. It’s great for promotional editing on Instagram and Pinterest. I also use Canva Pro. There is a free version of Canva if you’re new to editing, and looking to for an app to use, but I prefer Canva pro. Lastly I use AirBrush for editing actual photographs. Again, you can use a few features on this for free, but the paid version is better.

I really like how these photographs turned out. It’s amazing what you can do with editing apps. I have absolutely no idea how I would even attempt to create content for my blog without my iphone! I know there’s loads of amazing phones on the market, but this one has to be my favourite. The possibilities are endless. I also love accessorizing my phone with different covers and adding a bit of bling to my iphone, especially when I go on holiday.

I’m heading to Alte in Portugal this week, and I’m so excited to explore somewhere new. Of course, whenever I travel, I love to take photographs and film mini vlogs for Instagram, so my iphone is a lightweight travel companion. In fact, I think it’s a bloggers best friend!

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