It’s finally Spring, oh my, didn’t that take so long? It was like winter didn’t want to end! As it’s the Easter Holiday’s here in the UK, I’ve been looking for fun activities to do with kids, to keep them busy for the holidays.

Of course, with the cost of living crisis, we’ve been looking for activities to do that don’t cost too much. (plus I over spent in Portugal) so here are some top activities, tried and tested by my kids, that won’t hurt the bank!

Baking, making and smiles of fun

So without a doubt, baking is always my go-to activity. First of all, it’s important to teach your kids how to cook, it’s a life skill after all. Secondly, you get to bond with your kids and it costs not a lot and thirdly, you get a delicious snack at the end!

Easter is a time of decadence, sweet treats and of course chocolate so roll up your sleeves and get messy!

This year we had a go at making the latest Pinterest trend Easter Egg Cheesecakes. Prepare for a dessert like no other! My kids loved making these together, and they were easy enough for a four year old (with supervision) but also interesting for a teenager, so they were definitely a hit.

They weren’t expensive to make and I have to admit they were pretty tasty. The mascarpone isn’t really sweet and it balances out the chocolate. I thought it would be really sickly but they were pretty good. The jury’s out on how you eat these bad lads. My kids picked them up like a boat and bit into them, I used a spoon. It was messy, but tasty and awesomely fun!

Easter Egg Cheesecakes

These Easter egg Cheesecakes were really simple to make. I used two small hollow shop bought eggs, which cost around £1 each, but you could totally make your own chocolate eggs if you wanted!

The moulds for making eggs aren’t expensive. They’re also pretty easy to make, if you haven’t tried this, this is also a hit with my kids. I usually make my own mini Easter eggs and fill them with Ganache, but I was feeling lazy today…

Chocolate truffles are also super easy and fun, but yeah, the idea is to get messy with chocolate for some easter fun!

You will need:

• 2 small hollow Easter Eggs

• 1 Tub Mascarpone Cheese

• Malted Milk Biscuits

• Salted Butter

• 1 Tbs Honey/ Maple Syrup

• Chocolates to decorate the top


Crush up 6 Malted milk biscuits with a rolling pin in a bowl.

Melt 3 Tbs of Butter in a jug in the microwave, don’t burn!

Stir the butter into the biscuit, add more butter if desired.

Carefully cut the easter eggs in half by sticking a tip of a sharp knife between the crease of the egg and prying them apart. Be gentle. I broke one half of the egg but I melted it and added it to the cheesecake filling later. Don’t worry if they break.

Place equal amounts of biscuit base into each egg, pressing down gently, then allow to cool in the fridge.

Divide mascarpone equally into three bowls.

In a jug with 1 tsp of butter carefully melt together the butter and chocolate. Add to one bowl of mascarpone and mix well. Fill one egg with topping.

Next add 1 tbs of Honey to one bowl of mascarpone and mix well. Fill one egg with topping.

Next add 1 tbs Maple Syrup to mascarpone, mix well and top remaining egg.

Decorate with marshmallows, remaining biscuit crumbs, Kit Kat bunnies and mini Eggs!

Easter Crafts

Easter is also a time for crafting, from painting eggs to making cute decorations, there’s loads of cute ideas for your little bunnies to craft, just head to Pinterest for endless inspiration. My daughter is obsessed with crafting at the minute, so we’re trying lots of crafty stuff this Easter.

Something my daughter and I have been loving this year are the Sago Mini Printables that I get emailed to me every week. This week was a make your own joke jar, and last week was a make your own garden. They’re totally free but I thought they were awesome, so I wanted to mention them.

My daughter looks forward to them every week and they’re educational too. They’re also super handy for when she gets bored. I can print out an activity for her to do instantly and the graphics are super cute!

I had loads of used candles lying around the house, so recently I’ve been melting them down and making my own candles. Obviously when it comes to kids, you have to supervise them very carefully, when it comes to melting wax, but I’ve been getting my daughter to collect flowers when we go on walks. I dry them out then add them to candles I’ve made by placing them round the outside of the candle, covering it with baking paper and using a hairdryer to melt the edges of the candles so that the flowers stick.

It’s also a good way of getting your kids to go out and get some exercise. I tell them that I have to collect unusual flowers for my candles. You can also add them to scrap books and collages. These are super easy ways to use up magazines you’ve got lying around the house and it’s fun to do.

Finally, there’s always good old fashioned egg painting. Crafts and baking are always a good way to spend an Easter holiday.

Thanks for reading,

Have a great Easter.


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