Tynemouth Market is located in Tynemouth Station, which has been beautifully restored to it’s grand Victorian architecture. With it’s huge glass ceiling, this indoor market gives you protection from the rain, but it still gives you that authentic flea market experience.

Every Saturday and Sunday between 9am and 3.30pm, the market with over 150 stalls covers both platforms. Conveniently held in the train station, the market is accessible by car or train. Tynemouth is also well connected with buses in the area.

Tynemouth itself is a stunning area, boasting cute little boutiques, cocktails bars and restaurants. There’s also priory castle, which offers panoramic views of the sea below and two amazing beaches. King Edwards beach which is home to Riley’s fish shack, keep an eye out for special events, and of course, Tynemouth Long Sands. It’s a perfect little holiday venue, and it has been since Victorian times.

The star of Tynemouth however, is the iconic market, which never fails to disappoint with its collection of homemade crafts, candles and jewellery. I really loved these crystal candles. They reminded me of something you could buy on Etsy, but don’t forget to use some friendly bartering for a small discount.

There was also an amazing selection of art available, especially of the local area. It would be a great place to pick up a souvenir, or birthday card. Don’t forget to check out the art exhibition in the bridge as you cross over to the other side!

For foodies, there’s a great selection of street food, from good coffee to crepes, which looked awesome but I was too full to try! They had a selection of sweet and savoury ones. There was an Indians, selling divine smelling food, Greek gyros and there was even a video of a donner kebab toastie that went viral! So expect some good surprises when hunting for food.

There’s sweet stalls selling fudge and cake, chocolate and more. Foodies will find this place exciting I’m sure. And don’t forget that there will be different stalls on different days so you can visit on Saturday for food and Sunday will be completely different. Fresh bread and amazing olives, this place will not disappoint.

If you like to haggle, Saturday has many second hand stalls, from antiques to brick-a-brack. My daughter loved the toy stalls and she got a couple of bargains. It’s a great place to take the family as there’s something for everyone.

I particularly liked the ecostall filled with handmade soap and more. This place is a giant bizzar full of cute stalls and all the stall owners I spoke to were kind and happy to help.

If you’re a business owner thinking of hosting a stall, prices start from £20 per pitch and this place definitely has the traffic. It’s the sort of place people go to mingle and have fun, so expect a lively environment and expect to socialise. One stall owner I spoke too said that this is her social life. She works on her business during the week and then comes here on a Saturday to sell her products.

The iconic Tynemouth Market is a fantastic place to visit. Although Newcastle is a small city it never fails to disappoint. It has little pockets of fun and vibrancy where ever you go. Tynemouth market is definitely a must.

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