Choosing Wallpaper

I’m finally renovating my home this spring, although I’ll admit, it’s taken me a while. I’m really fussy when it comes to decorating, and it take me a long time to pick designs. As I spend most days on Pinterest designing content, you’d think I’d find it easy, but I don’t. Actually, I was so happy when I came across Surface because this design jumped out at me and I just knew this had to be my new wallpaper.

Contour Mapping is a high quality seamless tile print. It’s Abstract nature is hand drawn and inspired from the contours of maps. Seeing as I love to travel, I thought this would be perfect. I love the bold shade of red and the contrast of yellow. I just know that I wouldn’t get bored of looking at this, so I had to get it. The design cost me $40 but I got 10% off with the discount that was offered on the website, I also selected personal use as it wasn’t for commercial purposes.

Next, I found a custom Wallpaper printing service based in the UK called Contrado. Getting my own bespoke wallpaper actually worked out cheaper than the rolls of wallpaper I was looking at in stores, and they currently have a special offer on which saved a lot more! I chose the self-adhesive option, just to make it a little easier for myself. I am a busy content creator after all!

I was really surprised by how easy it was to get my dream wallpaper, delivered straight to my door! I’ve always dreamed of having something personal to me, that isn’t generic and I really adore this design. I can’t wait to decorate with it.

A Variety of Surface designs

These stunning designs shown are from the Contour Mapping selection, which is available on their website and included in their vast range of designs. All designs are available for commercial use too, so I just had to share them for any of my small business friends out there. Each print is bought individually and can be used for a variety of purposes in the home. They would also suit any business that specialises in stationery, fashion, gift or retail. The possibility of these prints are endless, and with such a huge collection of prints to choose from, Surface is my new favourite place to shop design!

Creating a Journal for Retail Purposes

I also noticed that you can buy these prints for commercial purposes and it got my brain going into hyperdrive. I mean how gorgeous would this print look as a Journal? I’ve been thinking about creating stationary recently. I keep thinking it would be an awesome idea to sell journals, I like encouraging people to write! Surface designs just seem to have that edge I was looking for. There’s such a huge variety of designs, I could spend hours looking at them.

Of course, their designs aren’t just limited to Journals, you could use them for all kinds of things, sportswear, plates, products of any kind really. Each design is downloadable and adaptable to any project. They offer their prints with commercial licences, so it’s a quick and easy way for any business to make something, stunning, bold and eye-catching.

They also offer advice online, so if you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions. I am so happy with my wallpaper and my design! Thanks Surface.

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