Yesterday, I was invited on a little boat trip, which took me down the River Tyne. Sailing from the Royal Quays marina, we travelled up the river and into Newcastle.

Cruising under Newcastle’s Iconic bridges, was a sight to be seen. Despite us having a typical northern spring here in Newcastle, and one that was cold and blustery. I still grabbed some amazing shots.

I actually think my photographs look more atmospheric than they would have on a nice sunny day. The weather is always a little miserable here, so I think I caught the correct tone. I loved the way the light bounced off the water and I caught some awesome ripples in the waves.

The robust industries that line the Tyne were cool to look at. Once a place of booming ship yards and fishing boats, remanence of the past can be seen dotted all around the Tyne, and that is exactly my favourite thing to photograph.

An eclectic piece of history, industry and the heart of a place, all reflected in the singing river Tyne. I loved all the cranes and giant spools. Pieces of a bigger picture and one you don’t often see much of. I also loved that I passed my home on the waters edge. Every time I look out at my view now, I’ll be reminded of a wonderful day out.

After a brief history of the ship yards by the best and second best skipper in town, we travelled up the river and arrived at Newcastle. Geordie humour is like no other, and they’ll always go above and aboard to make sure you’re enjoying yourself. It was fantastic getting to go under all four of the iconic bridges in Newcastle. Any history buff would love this tour.

The giant eye that blinks, sits gracefully over the Tyne. Next there is the Geordie bridge, which really sets the tone, cast your eyes upon this and you know that you have reached home. Green in colour like a glass bottle, sits the tall steel arch. Then the swing bridge, dances around and finally the high level railway bridge that leads you straight into the town.

There are actually 7 bridges over the river Tyne, but I had a fantastic time photographing the iconic four. If you’re in Newcastle, I’d really recommend getting a tour. I didn’t even notice the weather, I was too busy grabbing my camera. It’s a great way to photograph this vibrant city.

Finally, we pulled up in Newcastle and it was such great fun parking a boat in Newcastle and arriving in style. We headed straight to The Bridge Tavern, where I bought a pint of Neck Oil, a real ale by Beavertown. It’s a great little bar, and I’d recommend this place if you’re looking for somewhere quaint to have a drink on the Quayside.

I was tempted to get a bottle of brown ale, to complement the perfect little Geordie day out, but instead I settled with a nice pint of Beavertown. Afterwards, I got a pasty from Greggs, because you know what, when you’re in the mood for a little treat, you might as well go for the whole Geordie experience. A perfect day out in the toon!

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