Yesterday, I went for brunch with my son at a little hidden gem. Tucked away inside Trinity House, Cafe At The House didn’t disappoint! This little café restaurant was really something delightful, and if you’re a fan of afternoon tea, I’d really recommend this place.

Seeing as it’s the king’s coronation in a week, I’m going all out with British cuisine in this post, except this place really gives you a little extra when it comes to flavour combinations.

When you walk in you’re greeted by a display cabinet of freshly made cakes, pies, salads and sandwiches. A perfect little place to stop and get brunch, this stylish place has an elegant feel about it.

A relaxed atmosphere and a perfect place for taking shots, this place really is an Instagram cake. As for the menu, I guess they serve typical cafe food but they sprinkle in unusual flavours, and I like that. It’s something different and unique to try.

They also make all their pies and cakes on the premises, which is unusual. The pie of the day was a choice between Angus steak and ale, or cheddar and potato with a fig and violet chutney, or a traditional corned beef. And they really looked the part.

It was pretty hard to decide what to order, so it took us a while. The staff were happy with us taking our time and you simply ordered at the counter when ready. They bring everything to you.

I had the Steak and Poached egg Benedict, served on sourdough bread, topped with Pesto and pine nuts. On the side was a salad with pomegranate seeds. I ordered a flat white to wash it down with.

The coffee was strong, I didn’t ask which blend they use. My son ordered the Jack Daniels chicken and BBQ double topped Toastie. Which as it sounds, looked amazing. A unique take on a café classic. All together it came to £17 including a coke-a-cola.

The salads also looked good, fresh figs, pomegranate, blueberries, edible flowers and feta cheese. Or there was Sicilian Lemon chicken in mayo with brown and wild rice. They clearly put a lot of thought into their flavours combinations.

The Afternoon tea’s here looked amazing. I think an afternoon tea like this would be fit for the king’s coronation! My son and I couldn’t resist trying the cakes after we saw this. Freshly made that morning, I ordered a Victoria Sponge Cake and my son tried the Oreo cheesecake with a nut base.

We had to take our cakes out because we were really full after our brunch. They were happy to let us take them out and provided us with boxes. The Victoria Sponge Cake and Oreo cheesecake came to £9 together but they were huge portions, big enough to share. I got a huge door stop wedge of Victoria sponge cake for £4.50 which for cafe prices, for a homemade cake, isn’t bad.

The strawberry jam was really fruity, the sponge was light, and it was all balanced by the fresh whipped cream. A very nice cake indeed. A slice of Britain in this delicious Victoria!

I can’t wait to come back here and sample more of their menu. I thoroughly enjoyed this British Brunch. You can view a little video of the place here…

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