Do you suffer with low self-esteem, imposter syndrome or lack in confidence? Well, did you know that you are not alone? In fact these feelings are experience by most people. The great news however, is that you don’t have to suffer with it alone, and you can absolutely get help and learn to feel Practically Positive in Every Way.

Did you know that anxiety can happen at any stage of your life? In 2022/23, an average of 37.1% of women and 29.9% of men reported experiencing high levels of anxiety symptoms. That’s considerably higher than when previously checked in 2015. A worrying amount, but luckily there are many ways in which you can treat anxiety.

Trained NLP confidence coach Sarah Jane explains that often these thoughts are deep rooted in our past. With practice we can retrain our minds to think in new ways and see things from a different perspective. Just one of the many ways you can practice NLP to overcome anxiety or feelings of inadequacy.

Let Go of Things you Can’t Control

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Growing and changing can feel frightening, even if it’s in a good way. You can get stuck in a certain way of thinking or behaving, addicted to the thought pattern almost, and it can feel overwhelming to step into the unknown. It’s easy to progress into the old ways of thinking or slip back into habits that are keeping you stuck.

However Neuro-Linguistic Programming, (NLP) a type of Psychotherapy, considers not only the actions you take and how to change those behaviours to reduced your anxiety. It goes deeper than this to find the root cause of your symptoms. It is essentially therapy to rewire your subconscious thought pattern, and retrain it to think in a positive way. It also aims to reduce the symptoms of panic that are caused by the body remaining in fight-or-flight mode.

Learn to Self-Reflect in a Positive Way

“Having an anxiety disorder wasn’t the easiest thing to deal with, but throw depression in there, and you’ve got a mixed-depressive and anxiety disorder to manage.

It took me years to find the confidence to seek help, and when I finally did, it took me even longer to accept it. Part of it was probably my pride, or just a resistance to change. I’d grown comfortable in my little shell.

As I progressed in life, I had a whole heap of frustration that I felt, mainly with myself, because I wasn’t moving forward in life, not in the way I wanted to at least. I really struggled in every area of my life.

When I eventually started to practice the help that I found, I combined it with self-taught lessons that I would learn mainly from watching YouTube videos. I started to realise, just how much I’d held myself back in life.

That’s when things started to change for me and I felt a shift in my thinking and noticed a difference in my abilities. Doors started to open for me in ways I’d only dreamed of, and I began to feel hopeful for a change. I started to realise that everyday was a chance to build this new life for myself.

I even began to enjoy socialising! I started to push myself in different ways. I saw an opportunity and I grabbed it. I can’t really explain how it happened. It wasn’t a big change that happened over night. It was more like slow little steps in a different direction, ones that I wasn’t used to, and then each step began to snowball, and before I knew it, I felt better than I ever had.

Am I totally confident all the time? No, of course not. I’m only human. I still get anxious now and again, and I have moments when I doubt myself, but when I started to challenge my anxiety and fight back, my life improved so much!

Author of the blog- Sophie.

Self-reflecting on this time in my life, feels strange. But I am so happy to say that I overcame the worst of my anxiety. Looking back, I would have longed for a group of people to talk to. People who were experiencing similar things during this time in my life, it would have given me strength. At the time, I remember feeling like I was the only one suffering in this way. I thought I was faulty, or that there was something wrong with me. That’s why I am really excited to introduce this recovery coach today, and her business Practically Positive in Every Way!

I really admire what she does, and it’s such a fantastic opportunity for people, who like me, struggle with low self-worth, feelings of inadequacy, imposter syndrome, a lack of confidence or anxiety. It’s so common for people to experience these things, but there is absolutely a way you can feel more positive! Let me introduce Sarah Jane. She runs confidence training and self-development class in County Durham.

She also has an amazing podcast series which you can listen to here on Spotify.

Get Practically Positive in Every Way

As a Recovery Coach I work with people to show them how to consciously retrain their subconscious brain. I teach them how to look at things from a different perspective, to create more self confidence, to recover from past experiences that have hurt them or made them doubt themselves, to overcome anxiety, personal demons and to reduce stress. I offer individual sessions, as well as group workshops. I do this using Empowerment Arrows within my sessions, along with Fire Walk and Glass Walk events.

Sarah Jane

Sarah Jane is a NLP master practitioner, confidence coach and mindset mentor. Her business Practically Positive in Every Way, was started with the aim to build confidence in those who struggle with low self-esteem and low self-worth.

What I think is intrinsic to the help and advice she gives, is that she describes her life as “having a great circle of friends”, and that she was able to roll with the punches, figuratively speaking- and that life didn’t really get to her that much. But then, one day that all changed. After a series of life events her mental health began to suffer.

She slowly began to rebuild her self-worth and that is how Practically Positive in Everyway began. I love the openness and honesty she brings with this, it’s so refreshing. How amazing it is to be able to talk to someone who has experienced the very things that you are feeling and has not only overcome them successfully, but is actually driven by it, to help others do the same.

Sarah Jane is committed to each course that she provides and does so to ensure people get the most enjoyment out of the classes, as well as practical tips that they can practice outside the course. The aim is to empower those who suffer with feelings of not being good enough. She challenges topics such as your past to discover where these feelings come from. By looking at any issues in an in-depth way, she is able to develop a tailored plan to suit each client to ensure you get the best out of each class.

Sarah Jane invites you to book a free discovery call so that you can discuss any issues you may have. In this way she is able to advise you what would be the best course of action for you. Classes are available individually or in a group, and of course you can discuss whether you have a preference to being in a group or not. I personally would like the group sessions, which offer a guided programme with like-minded people looking to improve their lives.

Group sessions

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In group sessions, you are introduced to a guided programme, in which feelings of anxiety, overwhelming worry, fear of a lack of a control, imposter syndrome and a low self-esteem are all hot topics. Sarah Jane likes to discuss NLP techniques, how to look at things from another perspective and also points out that these feelings are sometimes normal, but what makes the difference is not letting these feelings take over or stop you from doing what you want to do in life!

Group sessions start from £20 and are attended in person, there is also a Facebook group to join, where you can interact with others and make friends! Sarah Jane regularly posts updates and encourages you to chat. These in-depth sessions look like so much fun. Can you imagine releasing all that anxiety you’re carrying around with you?

Individual sessions

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If you would like an individual sessions, these are also available, with the most popular booking being a block of 10 classes. They’re also available in blocks of 2 or 3 classes. Flexible times and tailored to you, these individual sessions really get to the root cause of what is holding you back, by combining a range of NLP techniques, you will be able to let go of any feelings or bad habits that you are holding onto, and really address why you are lacking in confidence.

These sessions would be great for life development, improving your self-worth or even for applying for work. They are not limited to structure and are based on your own goals and what you would like to achieve. Individual sessions start from £40 per session.

Work Place Training

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Sarah Jane also offers businesses a chance to give back to their employees and build confidence techniques for the work place. She provides tailored training programmes which can help to boost staff retention and productivity. You can add Sarah Jane for more information on Linkedin here.

Book a Fire Walking Event

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This activity, which was once considered as an ancient practice, is now embraced by people from all walks of life as a symbol of letting go of the past and stepping forward to your new life and the possibilities that lay ahead…
Records show that fire walking dates as far back as the Iron Age, where it is believed it originated in India and China, then spread to other parts of the globe such as Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Greece, South Africa & Fiji.
The Native American Indians used fire-walking as a Rite of Passage; as a show of an individual’s strength and courage. Polynesian and Hawaiian communities walked on fire as part of ceremonial healing, forgiveness, and reconciliation.

Sarah Jane

Finally, if you’re interested in attending one of her fire walking events, you can do so by registering interest via email:

Tickets cost £75 and include drinks and food on the night. You can also bring along spectators for £35 per ticket if you wish, to watch you tackle this ancient empowering event! What an awesome way to conquer those fears!

Sarah Jane is based in County Durham.

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