Seeing as it’s pride month here in the UK, I thought it would be a perfect time to share this awesome t-shirt printing brand, the Rise of Aquarius. This cute Etsy store sells phone covers and clothes that everyone can wear and enjoy!

Meet the makers!

Met Rise of Aquarius and their awesome Etsy store. This team of two, Sheena and McKinley Stark design a range of non-binary clothes, bags and phone covers.

When Sheena decided to launch her t-shirt printing business, it started as a small thing. But now she sells clothes online and her business has taken a new direction! She supports pride!

My name is Sheena. I’m a mother of two rambunctious toddlers, who completed me, and also pushed me in ways I never thought possible. I was born in Queens, New York, but moved to Georgia where I now reside.

I often felt a little out of place growing up, so crafting has always been an escape for me, as well as a way to engage with people when common ground was scarce.

I’ve loved crafting all my life. It started when my mom worked at a locally owned craft store. After school I would go to work with my mom, roaming the isles, reading craft books and rummaging through odd and ends. My elementary school office staff had a collection of holiday pins by the time I graduated.

It’s safe to say that this business was a natural progression for me. It combined my love for crafting and connecting with others.

Life hit me hard this year. But, I chalk it up to being a healing journey and my printing business has really helped with this. When you start working on yourself, sometimes you out grow things you once felt safety in.

It has felt like a complete reset of my life, but I’m aware it is for the best. I decided to start making T-shirts this year because I find it so interesting the idea of a shared sense of humour, social interests, and social agenda without even opening your mouth. What better way for people with similar interests to meet?

Style is a reflection of who you are so I wanted to create designs that give a voice to what people hold inside. I think of them as a comforting way to connect with others.

One of my biggest supporters, who became a partner in my business has been McKinley Stark. They have been so helpful in honing my designs, inspiring me to create such unusual designs, that encompasses such sleek designs for marginalized groups.

It didn’t take me long to onboard them into this endeavour and now we are partners in this growing business, that I’m so very proud of!

Mckinley Stark, pictured above is a non-binary musician, baker and artist. Enjoying 30 years of living in the middle Georgia area. Passionate about cats and music, with the voice of an angel. I love them so much! Expect big things from our brand!

I think it’s so important, especially given the economy today, that we get back to shopping small and supporting independent businesses. Keeping money in the hands of individuals and supporting each others’ passions.

Nobody can deny the convenience and frugality of shopping big retail meccas like Amazon and Walmart, but when you shop small you’re supporting a family, you’re supporting a dream. I think that’s worth paying for. That’s why we chose an Etsy store.

You can find our store here.

Make your own T-shirts

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Rise of Aquarius- Our Collection

We have an awesome collection of modern, thought provoking and funny pieces. All of our items are made with care to ensure great quality for every buyer. We don’t compromise on the quality of our prints.

We also sell phone cases for a range of phones and bags too! They’d make awesome gifts for someone or a cute summer treat for pride month! All of our items have meaning and have been produced with thought in mind. For example “Villain era” refers to having boundaries.

I know that a healing journey isn’t always pretty, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look good while you’re going through it. A hot mess, is always blessed.

Thank you for reading my post today,


Rise of Aquarius.

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