Last month I decided to try Rheal, I kept seeing this stuff everywhere, so I finally caved and bought the Balance tonic. It’s a superfood blend designed with women’s health in mind.

It has 6 superfoods in it, which are finely ground into a powder. It has a purple colour and can be added to water, smoothies, breakfast bowls, yogurt and even herbal tea.

The formula has been designed to balance women’s hormones, so I was curious to see if it worked. If it didn’t, then at least I was getting 6 superfoods a day. I had to decide whether it was worth spending those pennies on!

I’ve been seriously upgrading my health regime lately with my BIOHM products, which have made such a difference. I figured that, seeing as I’ve been looking after my gut health, I might as well go for the whole hog and take care of my hormones too.

When it comes to my hormones, that time of the month is not something I look forward to. I tend to get bad cramps, feel sluggish, I get super grumpy (mood swings) and generally well, feel uncomfortable. I thought any product which is specifically designed with women’s health in mind to help balance my hormones wouldn’t go a miss. It was worth a try at least.

Upon arrival, well what can I say? The packaging is really pretty. It’s certainly Insta friendly, they’ve clearly put some thought into it. But, I’ve been bamboozled by packaging before, this stuff certainly has style, but I wanted to see if it really worked!

I mean could taking a spoon of this stuff a day really make a difference?

Balance Tonic: Testing the Rheal Deal

Okay, so I was fortunate enough for this to arrive exactly when I needed it. The delivery took 3 to 4 days to arrive so was pretty average.

I decided to stop taking the pill last month, so as many women know, this can cause a whole lot of emotional upheaval. The pill is essentially made with synthetic hormones, so when you stop taking it, your body has to kind of adjust. I thought this would be the perfect time to trial Rheal.

My first smoothie, I made with water. Curious to see how it tasted, I didn’t read the instructions and put a few spoonfuls in there. I mixed it with water and drank it. Oh boy, that thing was super sour. I wouldn’t recommend doing this. I’ve got so used to my super tasty BIOHM superfood blends, I didn’t for a second expect this.

It also kept clumping at the bottom of the glass, so I had to keep stirring it in between sips, sparkling water works much better.

It has a really sharp taste, and after drinking half of it, I opted for a smoothie instead. Strawberries, blueberries, bananas- I went for all the sweet fruit. This was much better.

I’ve tried the recommended amount in a glass of sparkling water (it has to be San Pellegrino), since then and it’s not too bad. I add a big wedge of lemon in there and expect the sourness, while it’s not exactly my favourite taste, it isn’t undrinkable, I just prefer it in smoothies.

Since then I’ve had the recommended daily amount everyday. I’ve used approximately half of the container, so I think this would last you around 2 months per pot.

I think the idea is that you take this stuff during your cycle which could potentially make it last longer, but seeing as I’ve been transitioning from the pill I thought I’d take it everyday.

Did I notice a difference?

Well, actually, surprisingly yes! I did notice a difference. Which I thought was unusual as I’d only been trying it for 4 days at that stage. I was a lot less bloated and the cramps seemed a little easier to deal with. That could also be thanks to my BIOHM prebiotics, however.

Where I noticed the most difference, was actually in my skin. Usually, when it’s that time of the month, I kind of get this awful tint in my skin. My complexion gets dull and generally because I feel awful, I look awful (although some of that may be in my head) anyway, my hormones change, and I feel awful.

This time though I had a bit of glow and where I usually feel meh, I felt a lot more confident in myself. I even filmed some video content which is unusual for me. Not that looks are everything, but it was nice to feel like my normal self, if you know what I mean?

Anyway, I continued to use this product all month. I still had a couple of moments, I think mainly due to my adjustment from the pill, so it’s hard to say whether this thing balanced my hormones, exactly. But I have noticed that I’m feeling a little more chirpier than usual.

After 1 month after using this stuff everyday, I’ve felt normal (whatever that is) on most days, which is a big change for me.

I used to physically dread that time of the month, not just due to the pain but because of the sudden change in my hormones. I’m not a very emotional person so this would really throw me off guard each month. I’d get really irritated and frustrated during this time, with absolutely everything, and this really seems to have shortened the amount of time I feel like that.

I’m not sure if it’s “balanced” my hormones. But it’s certainly improved my mood.

I’m definitely going to continue using this stuff. It was reasonably priced, considering how long it’s lasted. I suppose a little bit goes a long way and I’ve started enjoying it as part of my breakfast now. I add it to Sicilian lemon yogurt, or with fruit compote on pancakes and it actually tastes pretty good.

Rheal Ingredients!

So, what is in the Balance Tonic? Well it contains 6 superfoods which have each been selected with the purpose of balancing women’s hormones.

Rheal also pride themselves on using the highest quality of each ingredient. For example the Ashwagandha is the highest grade possible.

There is also 500mg per serving which is considerably higher than other rivals on the market. Ashwaganda supports mental health & sex hormones in women. It lowers anxiety, and contributes to memory function. It improves memory and focus.

It also contains female friendly superfoods such as blueberries, hibiscus and baobab. Which are also good for the skin and probably explains the glow up I was talking about earlier.

They also say that the Balance Tonic is useful for women going through the menopause and I can see why.

I was honestly pleasantly surprised by this product. I was a little sceptical about it at first, however it’s given me some relief from my heavy cycles and improved my complexion, so it gets a thumbs up from me.

This product costs £25 but there are some good deals to be had, especially if you stock up on their other ranges. I’m excited to try more from Rheal in the future. Have you tried the balance tonic? Tell me what you thought below. 👇

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