It’s the summer solstice today, and so what better way to start the summer than a heatwave here in the UK. It’s been scorching, and I’ve loved every minute of it.

Last weekend my daughter and I decided to visit the Hancock museum in Newcastle. Located only a 5 minute walk from Haymarket metro station, this little museum is a great place to visit with kids.

It has free entry which is good for the summer holidays on days where you’re trying to save money and a great selection of things to admire.

Whether you’re looking to teach your kids about history or go on a quest through exciting ancient cultures. The Hancock has something for everyone.

We visited the new exhibition called Monsters and Mortals which was really fascinating. It gave me a lot of inspiration for writing. A study of monsters, folklore and strange traditions. You could spend a while here.

There’s also a planetarium which I would totally recommend checking out. With a reasonably priced cafe, don’t forget to grab some lunch, or simply have a picnic in the grounds. The iconic building is home to the Mouse House, a play area for kids.

Fun Places to Visit on a Budget in Newcastle with Kids

Now in true archaeological fashion I’ve dug through my previous posts and collected a list of fun place to visit with kids on a budget, when you’re out and about this summer! Everything I do is on a budget, so let me share the best places to visit with children.

  1. Stay at home and have a garden party! I share some recipes to make for a little get together that your kids will love to help you to make, and some garden party games to play. Stay on budget with these easy ideas!
  2. Visit events at Art Galleries! Usually hosting free events for kids to get creative or with low costs to join classes, art galleries are a great place to explore with small kids. I share my favourite two art galleries in Newcastle with free entry.
  3. Enrol your child on an online business course! Encourage your child to be a budding business owner with this cute online course.
  4. Make a road trip easier with my ultimate travel essential list for kids! Make those log car journeys ten times easier with my travel basics for with kids in the car.
  5. Visit Scotswood Garden! A large park in Newcastle which host great events for kids throughout the summer.
  6. Visit the life Centre! Learn about science, space and more at the Centre for life. Visit the new Wow exhibition. A little more expensive than other places to visit however, it’s an interactive experience and a great day out for the whole family.
  7. Spend the day at Heaton Park! A fab place to relax and enjoy some sunny rays. It’s a great place for a day out and it’s free!
  8. Visit Marsden Rock in South Shields! Grab a bit to eat at this famous little restaurant and then spend the day on the private beach.
  9. Go to Longsands Beach in Tynemouth! Speaking of beaches. You have to explore the delights of Tynemouth. It’s a picturesque little town filled with boutiques and restaurants, a castle and some amazing beaches.
  10. Visit Northumerlandia! A big sculpture in Blyth that you can enjoy free of charge. Enjoy climbing these steep hills and the view points.
  11. Explore Plessy Woods and have an adventure! A great place for exploring with active kids, dog walking and surrounding yourself with nature.
  12. Visit the Rising Sun Country Park! Look out for events and activities during the summer. It’s a pretty place to wander around.
  13. Visit local libraries! Libraries are a great place to find free events! Find one near you now by visit the local council website near you.
  14. Go on a boat trip of the river Tyne! Fun no matter the weather. Explore the river and the iconic bridges of Newcastle.
  15. Explore Tynemouth Market! Visit the iconic market, browse the stalls on a Saturday or Sunday.

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