If you’re in need of some summer rescue products on a budget, I have two wowzer products to share. I’d like to introduce to these two wonders that I have discovered for the summer, from the moisture range. I’ve always been a fan of Superdrug’s Me+ range. They always pack in loads of good stuff into their products and tend to keep the prices down, so I thought I’d dive deep and try some new products out.

I’ve used CBD oil on my face for years now and I mix that with Superdrug’s Me+ booster serums, but I haven’t really explored beyond that, so I decided to try more of their range as I keep noticing new products every time I go into Superdrug. They also tend to offer amazing promotions on their own products, which usually sees you being able to buy one item for half price so I thought they’d be great for going easy on the budget this month, seeing as the dreaded summer holidays are getting closer.

I was looking for a new moisturiser anyway, as the one I was using just wasn’t doing it for me anymore. If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen that I recently got my final CO2 laser treatment for my acne scars. So my skin recently has been really dry, plus, add this heatwave into the mix, well as you can imagine I was in serious need of hydration for my skin.

I got the Niacinamide Moisturiser with 5% Hyaluronic acid. Priced at £7.99 it sounded way more on budget than my usual brand which is good for the summer holiday fund. It’s designed to be mixed with a few drops of your favourite booster (which I already use) so it sounded like a winner. You simply apply a small amount to your hand, add a few drops of your favourite booster oil and mix it together before applying it to the face.

I added my collagen booster as that’s the booster serum I’m using at the moment. All their boosters have different desired effects, depending on what your skin needs. You can also mix the booster serums together and add it to your moisturiser. It’s so science-y, I love it! For example:

Vitamin C booster– for healthy glowing skin

Hyaluronic acid booster– for hydrated skin

Acacia Collagen booster– for plump skin

Retinol booster– Target those fine lines and wrinkles

Lactic acid booster– Improves the skin texture

On it’s own, the moisturiser doesn’t smell that great, I’ll be honest. It kind of has the same scent as wallpaper paste so I wasn’t too impressed at first. I thought I’d apply it at night only, for this reason. Through the day I still like my Nordic vitamin C cream. But, I guess you could easily just apply the vitamin C booster cream and improve the scent.

When I woke up in the morning, my skin was plump, hydrated and generally looking so much better than it had been. I would actually say it was glowing after one use which I’ll admit I was really surprised at. I wasn’t really expecting to see any results.

Now after this, I started adding my booster oil with it, which obviously improves the scent and since then, I have been using this product every night for around two weeks and the difference is incredible. This product has really shocked me. My skin has never looked better and I’m so glad I picked it up. It’s my new summer favourite!

I have replaced my night cream with this bad boy, and now I am feeling summer ready. You could use it throughout the day too, obviously, I just like to use it at night. It’s an all round moisturiser for dry skin in serious need for hydration.

They also have the cleanser with Hyaluronic acid, and this is something I wish I’d picked up! When my cleanser runs out I’m going straight to Superdrug to purchase this stuff. I can’t wait to see what these two products combined can do for my skin.

The Best Hair Conditioner for Dry and Damaged hair

I also decided to try the conditioner as I needed some anyway, and it was buy one get one half price so, I thought I might as well give it a go. Priced individually at £4.99 this Argan oil, sulphate-free conditioner with added hyaluronic acid is designed for very dry hair.

I really wasn’t expecting much from this product either to be hones, it was an impulse buy, but honestly, I’m so glad that I bought it.

I’ve got dry /damaged hair due to bleach use, and it’s rare to find a moisturising conditioner that actually works. It was half the price (and some) than my normal conditioner and oh my gosh!

After one wash, my hair has improved in texture, bounce and strength. It also retained the moisture for days. Normally my hair kind of dry’s out after a couple of days, so I have to put a moisture mask on there, but this, this is different. My hair is still super supple and soft. I’ve also noticed way less breakage. All that from one wash! It actually works better than the revolution bond plex, I was raving about months ago and it’s cheaper!

I’m really surprised with these products. Like I said I wasn’t expecting much and considering the prices were really low, I just thought they’d be a waste of money, but it turns out their my new summer faves and they’re budget friendly too! Perfect if you’re trying to budget for the summer holidays.

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