Summer evenings were made for late nights, cosy fires in the garden and drinks with your family and friends. There’s nothing more atmospheric than having a selection of outdoor garden lights that shimmer in the distance while you’re relaxing in those hazy summer vibes. I got a selection of outdoor lights from Lights4Fun and I’m totally smitten.

From lanterns to daisies, there’s a really wide selection on the website and I’m sure there’s something for everyone’s taste. Of course I went for cosy cottage kind of vibes with LED waterproof candles, solar powered lanterns and delicate little fairy lights. There also 15% off if you sign up for their email list.

I couldn’t resist adding the finishing touch to my outdoor space. I’ve been digging up, replanting, potting and landscaping, and I’m so happy with what I’ve done with my small space. I thought adding some lighting would make it look finished. My tomato plants are close to producing fruits and I even have strawberries. My garden is about to bloom for the summer, and these lights have added a touch of sparkle and fun. They were really well priced, so I thought I’d go for it.

On arrival they were well wrapped. I was a little worried about the vintage chain of light bulbs, as I dropped the box on arrival. (Whoops) Anyway, the box split open and they fell out the bottom when I picked it up. Total butter fingers.

Luckily the individual lights came wrapped in paper and they still worked. I guess they’re a little more durable than normal light bulbs. I noticed they came with a spare filament in the box, but I was lucky that I didn’t need a new one. I would recommend unboxing on the carpet, if you’re clumsy like me! Watch my unboxing below.

I’m totally smitten with my lanterns. They add a touch of class to my outdoor space. I got the set so there’s one larger one, and one smaller sized one. Priced at £59.99 for a set of two, these lanterns are Pinterest perfect and would make a great gift for someone. I made a rockery out front with a selection of plants and they contrast with the white gravel. They are really eye catching statement pieces. Even through the day.

As lights they’re not overpowering, these solar powered lanterns have a kind of amber glow to them. They look really good next to some fairy lights, or the large set of candles that I bought. I haven’t had much rain or wind since I got them, but they seem pretty durable. You can switch them on and leave them on and they charge via the solar panel at the top. Obviously they’re waterproof, but I’ll be bringing them indoors when it’s windy or winter. (I live up north in the UK, near the sea so it gets a little windy up here).

Next I got some little daisy lights priced at £19.99 for 12 lights. They are so cute and they’ve added a splash of colour to my rockery during the spring months when my flowers aren’t quite in bloom. I also picked up these cute metal bees on Amazon for £14.99 which I thought went really well with the little daisies, my daughter had great fun placing them around the garden.

They have a few modes that you can choose from. As do the other solar powered light so you can decide how you’d like them to flash. I added my lights into my centre piece and I just thought it looked so sweet. They did take me a little while to untangle and they have a sort of cross pattern so you can dot them around.

The candles are battery powered so they are much brighter. They are waterproof, so I left one out in the rain to test it and it still worked so they definatly are waterproof.

They provide the batteries needed with the lights on arrival. I’m not sure how long they last, but I did think to myself that they are portable. You could take them camping and they would make a good photo opportunity, or they would just create a nice atmosphere for any evening.

These Moroccan fairy lights cost £12.99 and I think they are so cute. They twinkle in the distance. I love all the different settings and they were a perfect buy for me as my daughter is currently building a little fairy garden, so these really look the part. She was very excited to see these.

They’re durable and all of lights4fun light’s come with a three year warranty which I thought was pretty cool. They reach approximately 1.5 meters. A solar panel with a spike simply pushes into the ground with ease and you can leave them on to charge in the sun. Make sure you take off the plastic wrap on-top first though, otherwise they won’t charge. There are a big variety of lights in their solar lights collection, I recommend having a look to decide which would best suit your space, however all the solar lights that I tried were fitted with ease. They weren’t complicated, which is a bonus for someone like me.

Next up are my gorgeous vintage string lights. I got 20 warm white carnival festoon lights. I like these ones a lot. They’re trendy and they look good, even with the lights off! They’ve got that bohemian look to them. They’re actually quite bright for solar powered lights when switched on, and they’re durable!

I can’t wait for those cosy summer nights when I can chill in my garden with company. Nothing makes me happier than staying out in the garden under a full moon surrounded by twinkling lights!

Finally, I got 9 little mushroom stake lights, which I think look so cool. They’re only around a meter long and contain three steaks, but it’s perfect for my little garden space. They make a great border and make my flowerbed look like a little magical woodland in the dark. You could also add these to a large planter to add a touch of mystery.

I’d really recommend lights4fun. They have a style to suit everyone, and they really brighten up outdoor spaces. Start celebrating summer today! You can see my lights at night, on my Instagram below.

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