I had a lovely day out with my family this weekend, we decided to make the most of the golden glorious sun shine, which is rare in England and take to the coast. It’s on days like this that I am so grateful to live in a seaside town. Newcastle city always attracts many visitors, but if you cross over the river, you’ll find South Shields, a seaside town. If you keep exploring further down the coast you’ll find Marsden rock, Souter lighthouse, Whitburn and finally Roker park in Sunderland. All make great days out, especially if you love big open beaches and the roaring sea beneath your toes.

Sandhaven beach recently won the Sunday Times beach of the year award. It’s a great place to visit if you’re thinking of a holiday. Next to it there’s an amusement park full of rides, laser tag and lots of fun to be had which I’m sure kids will love.

If you keep travelling along the coast you’ll come to Marsden Rock, and a little beach restaurant called The Grotto. There’s a little car park and if you travel down the little lift, you’ll get to the restaurant/ hotel. Inside it has cave like features and outside you get panoramic views of the sea and Marsden Rock, it has it’s own private beach and is well worth a visit.

Souter Lighthouse and Whitburn

A short drive from Marsden rock you’ll find Souter Lighthouse and the Leas. A historic lighthouse that you can climb up and explore. Nestled next to some grasslands, and cut with rugged cliffs this wildlife park has lots of nature. If you like bird spotting this is a great place to visit and spend the day.

It costs £13.50 for a family to do a tour of the lighthouse. I wont spoil it with pictures but you get a guided tour as well as some history and some amazing views at the top. There’s also a cafe which is dog friendly. They even sell dog ice cream which I’d never heard of, but thought it was worth mentioning if you have a pooch that is.

Souter lighthouse is really picturesque and I had fun playing with my new camera on the iphone 14 pro max. I’m so happy with my new phone! It’s made blogging my adventures so much easier to capture, and share here on this blog. The lens captures crystal clear images with natural light. I’ll be honest though, even as a photographer who absolutely loves her iphone, there’s still a lot of new features to get my head around. That’s why I signed up for an iphone photography course.

I wanted to make the most of my iphone, as It’s probably the most expensive tech I’ve ever bought, but I just had too for that camera. If you love photography, I really have to recommend this course. It’s priced at £49.99 for an immersive course about all the features available to take stunning photographs with an iphone.

The iphone photography school has inspired many budding photographers, to get fun and creative with their iphones. From transitions to explaining all the features available, this course really packs a punch if you want to take your photography to the next level. If you’re a serious content creator this is the course for you.

All in all it was a gorgeous day out, and it really was as pretty as a picture. If you travel a little further you’ll come to the little village of Whitburn. A great place to stop for ice cream, enjoy the quaint architecture or visit the windmill.

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