Okay, so it’s official, Amazon’s count down to it’s Prime Day event has started. A two day event that sees prices being slashed on July 11th and 12th. but that’s not the only benefit of having an Amazon Prime membership for a Family.

Available for Prime members only, you’ll need to sign up for a Prime Membership before you can access the great deals available for it’s Prime day event. You’ll also get early access to the event with a membership.

Once you’ve set up a membership, you can start benefiting from all the perks a Prime membership comes with, so although it costs £8.99 a month, which I know at the minute is a pinch, especially with the Summer holidays on the horizon, I still think it’s totally worth it and I suppose that’s why I became an Amazon affiliate.

So here are my favourite reasons for signing up for an Amazon prime membership for families! I also wanted to share this top offer available. A Play Station 5 for only £399! Just one of the many awesome deals to be had on Amazon!

The Benefits of a Prime Membership for a family

Okay, so first of all, I’m a busy mum of two. Stay with me here, I have multiple blogs and several social media accounts to manage online, and I work from home, so when it comes to weekends or holidays, I’m usually rushing here and there.

Whilst I’m playing hide and seek with my daughter, my phone is in one hand scheduling social media posts, and I’m simultaneously tackling the gigantic mountain of washing in the corner of the room, that looks as if it might avalanche at any second.

Unfortunately, most of the time I can’t just tell my kids to put a sock in it (bad pun) so they both can enjoy watching Prime Video, which is a lot like Netflix but a little better in my opinion.

Prime Video have more variety when it comes to shows and they also update their shows more often.

When the day is finally done albeit it’s rare, I can chill out with my kids and some popcorn to rent a new release. I mean have you been to the cinema recently? It costs the same price as a night out these days, so unless you want to break the bank, this is way cheaper. It’s one of my budget saving tips for the Summer holidays.

I can’t tell you how many series I’ve binged watched (not that I get the chance) but I do know that the streaming is always good and I enjoy it when I can.

Secondly, when competing in the obstacle course that is parenting and working from home, Amazon has kind of become my right hand man. If my daughter wakes up at 6am and announces that she wants to make slime mud pies, I can order it, and thanks to Prime it’s usually delivered that day. Few!

It means I get to purchase that one thing without going to shop and filling my basket with unnecessary things. Those £8 jars of slime don’t end up being a basket of questionable snacks, a candle and an assortment of marmalades which I’m probably never going to eat, but we have to buy them because they have a cute little squirrel on the jar. It’s just so much less stressful and it’s cost effective.

So if your impatient like me, I recommend joining for the same day delivery.

Thirdly, I use Fresh the grocery service, they have morrisons and a couple of other stores on there, but honestly I just really like the food from Fresh, by Amazon.

You get same day delivery on all your ingredients (if you spend £40 or more) which is included in the price of your membership. They come in brown paper bags, so it’s environmentally friendly and I’ve never had a missing or damaged item yet.

I’ve been using them for around 1 year now and the service is just superior. I’m not sure how else to say it, I just think it’s great. Keep an eye on the deals and you can shop frugally. I personally don’t think it’s overpriced and it really takes the stress out of supermarket shopping.

You also get Amazon music which gives you access to unlimited music. I personally don’t use this but my son loves it. So if you, or someone in your home loves playing music, this is just one of those extra features that you obviously don’t get with streaming services like Netflix. They have over 100 million songs to listen to and it’s advert free! Bonus.

Amazon photos is also an extra feature, it’s like a storage cloud for any photos you have. It’s been great for clearing out space on my phone and you can display the images on echo devices or an Amazon fire TV so you won’t miss them.

Amazon Photos offers an unlimited photo storage service, and video storage up to 5GB! Which is pretty generous. You could back up your images in case you loose your phone, don’t miss this feature and loose your memories!

Prime Student is a service which offers 50% off membership costs. You also get 10% off student things like text books which is super useful if you’re a student. Don’t loose out on this discount. Save your money for important things like getting drunk and falling asleep on a table.

And talking about students, you also get 1 year off Deliveroo Plus, which means no paying for delivery on any takeaways. Yay!

Prime Gaming – Prime customers can also access exclusive in-game content and rewards for their favourite games with a weekly Prime Gaming loot, including FIFA, League of Legends and more. Visit gaming.amazon.com to get started!

Prime Household enables multiple people to enjoy the benefits of Amazon Prime all under one roof. With a household membership two adults and children can enjoy all the benefits. You can also add parental locks to your child’s account to make it safer!

Finally, you can try before you buy on clothing, shoes and accessories. Order up to 6 items before you buy and get 7 days to decide what you like and dislike. You only pay for the items you keep.

So, I hope I’ve convinced you to get an Amazon Prime membership and to add the 11th and 12th of July to your diary for some epic shopping wins!

With the Summer holidays getting closer, I’m already overwhelmed but I know my Amazon Prime membership for families will make it so much easier.

Thanks for reading,

This article contains affiliate links in it, for which I’ll receive a small commission for if you decide to buy any of the products featured. Happy Shopping.


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