It’s that time of year again, longer evenings and warmer weather mean you can enjoy the outdoors here in the UK. The summer holidays are so close and I can’t wait for an action packed summer.

I got the cutest sunglasses for my daughter the other day so I thought I’d share them here on my blog as a thank you.

Florences Bowtique is a cute accessory shop for girls on Facebook. It sells a selection of sunglasses, bows, headbands and floral crowns.

The owner was so friendly and made my daughter’s sunglasses on the day I ordered them. I really loved the personalised style as my daughter has an unusual spelling for her name. I always struggle to find anything with her name on it and she’s always asking for personalised items. Now she finally has some sunnies with her name on them!

My order was followed by prompt delivery. They were well-wrapped upon arrival and came in this cute pink pouch lined with bubble wrap, so they are super giftable.

These cute, original little sunglasses are Instagram adorable and perfect for the summer. They cost me £8 plus £3 for postage. Which I think is a pretty good deal.

I simply sent her a message on Facebook and she did the rest. My daughter is over the moon with her new summer sunnies. They were supposed to be a birthday present but I couldn’t resist giving them to her sooner.

We had an impromptu photoshoot the other day, actually I was getting my daughter’s passport photo taken but she asked for her sunglasses, whipped them on and asked if I could take a few shots. I couldn’t resist. She likes them as much as I do. I find it hard to think she’s only 5! A total little diva.

My photos were then shared on the Facebook and instagram page. I thought this was a nice touch and my daughter was thrilled.

These sunglasses are pretty durable, my daughter has dropped them a few times since she got them, she is only five after all, and they’re still in tact. Nothing has fallen off and they haven’t scratched. I would recommend these if your kids are active like my daughter.

I just know she’ll be wearing these all summer. I can’t wait to get snapping some shots in the sunshine.

For my daughters birthday next month I’ve decided to make her a photo album, I’ve honestly got so many photographs, probably too many and I just wanted to make a keepsake of her memories. The younger year’s go by so quick and I thought it would be fun to collect my favourite photographs of her.

I’ve used Asda photo printing for my photographs. They have low costs, you can select a range of sizes, finishes and you can upload your images from your phone. They have fast delivery and it’s made my little project really easy. I can’t wait to see her little face when she opens it.

We had so much fun at the beach the other day, seeing as the weather was warm we thought we’d enjoy it. I also picked up this cute bikini for £6 from Asda which I thought was totally flower power and matched her new cute sunglasses.

You can watch my daughters reaction to the unboxing here.

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