Stock up this summer on BIOHM’s Super Kids Superfood blend. It comes in the delicious Berry Blast flavour. This sweet powdered superfood blend contains omegas, vitamins and probiotics.

Made from the BIOHM patented blend of probiotics and prebiotics to improve the function of stomach health. This special blend is designed for your little ones. Say goodbye to yucky tummies and say hello to health this summer.

My daughter loves this tasty blend which contains vegetables, fruit, superfoods such as super mushrooms, omegas, vitamins and so much more.

Add it to a glass of water or a smoothie to make a delicious drink packed full of goodness. Or add it to yogurt as part of a balanced breakfast. You can even add it to ice cream to make a delicious dessert! This is my daughter’s favourite way to eat this berry mix.

This product is packed full of high quality ingredients because your child deserves the best. Omega assist with brain function, and with other added superfoods specifically designed for a growing child’s benefit. You get 30 days worth, per pot.

Your child deserves the best. Shop BIOHM Super Kids here.

Save 20% with my unique discount and you can also save a further 20% discount if you subscribe and order one every 4 weeks. That’s a total of 40% off for a product that supports your child’s immune system, improves stomach discomfort and has the highest quality ingredients available for their development.

I recommend this product as part of a healthy summer regime.

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