Selling products online using the correct marketing techniques can be tricky, however, don’t fret. I’m sharing 5 marketing techniques that businesses can use to increase your online sales. There are various ways you can use online marketing techniques, and while I’m sure you’ll have heard of them, I want to share with you how to do it correctly so that you can maximize your online sales.

1. Use Pinterest

Okay, so I’ve posted a lot of posts specifically on the topic of Pinterest on this blog. If you don’t use Pinterest yet, or you haven’t heard of it, try my post Pinterest basics for independent businesses. In this I cover the basics of Pinterest and why it’s effective for businesses. I share some valuable tips on how to use the platform and utilize it for promotion.

So now we’ve covered that and I don’t have to repeat myself, why is using Pinterest an effective marketing strategy? Well, once you’ve got your Pinterest stats soaring you can start using this platform everyday to essentially create free advertising, you can post up to 25 posts per day, per account. There are no limits to how many accounts you have and Pinterest actually favours you posting multiple posts per day. If you use the platform regularly to post content, then your content will be pushed out to even more people. You can also pay for targeted advertising on the platform.

Potentially you have a huge audience, who on average purchase items more on Pinterest than any other platform. Typically they spend 2 times the amount than on any other social media platform. It is suitable for products with a higher price range.

2. Pay for Online Reviews before the product is Launched

It’s a well-known fact that consumers read reviews before they purchase products, that’s why product reviews are so popular online. However, as a consumer myself, I know that there is nothing more frustrating than fake reviews. Read 10 easy ways to launch your new product.

For a start, fake reviews make any brand look dishonest and people see straight through it, trust me! There is no point in faking it when it comes to reviews, as this will do your brand more harm in the long run. Instead try a pre- release campaign. Hire a variety of campaigners, from bloggers to influencers and even product testers to try out your product before it’s launched.

Get them to share the product online, stating that it has not been released yet, and that it’s an exclusive product that you’ve asked them to try. Ask them to give honest reviews about it and of course feature the release date! When customers feel that they can trust your brand, it is a sure way to improve sales.

lastly, we all know that the economy is struggling at the moment, so place yourself in the consumer’s shoes. The likelihood of customers researching products before they buy them is highly likely. This is due to tighter spending habits, so don’t launch a new product without any online reviews for consumers to view first. Read 10 Online Marketing Campaign ideas for Businesses.

3. Use Social Cat

Hiring bloggers and Influencers to create online content doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, you can actually hire them for free in exchange for a product with the platform Social Cat!

By signing up to Social Cat you can choose from a variety of bloggers and influencers, who specialise on individual platforms. For example, you can ask for a Tiktok creator to create a series of videos for you in exchange for one of the products you would like them to feature.

As it’s clearly stated to influencers who sign up to the platform, they don’t expect to be paid for the collaboration. So this is an effective and cost friendly way to advertise your products online. If this sounds good, make sure you sign up to their platform today and get 25% off their small monthly subscription costs.

4. Research Influencers and Bloggers before you hire them

It is essential that your hire the correct influencer for your brand. Firstly, you can do this by researching their content. Simply look through their blog, their social media posts etc. You should be able to decide from this whether they are a good fit for your brand.

Secondly, when it comes to researching influencers, you should do this by looking at their audience demographics. It is important to remember that the audience is the most important part of an influencer as this is who will buy your products. This is the most effective way to advertise products with influencers, you can target certain age groups, countries and even gender.

5. Keep it fun, light-hearted and Short

Try to remember the reason why people use social media in the first place, is to be entertained. Creating content around this idea will always benefit you. You can also create content that informs the reader and to connect with your audience.

If you’re just starting out, always keep your campaigns simple. Don’t get influencers to bombard their audiences with information. Pick 2 or 3 selling points of your brands core beliefs and the highlight of each product you choose to market. Send this information with your product to the influencers.

You’re always better off making each campaign fun and light hearted. So keep your target audience in mind when you are producing fun campaign ideas and you’re all set to create an effective online marketing strategy for any new product you’re about to launch!

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