It’s summer and the sizzling season has started, so grab your bags and book a holiday because it’s time to wear that bikini and head to the beach. However, for those of us with curves, this time of year is often a time of self-conscious melt downs and uncomfortable body issues. So I thought I’d share 8 reasons why you should love your curves this summer, because being curvy is okay and you deserve to be confident.

1. You enjoy life because you’re not constantly calorie counting

Yeah counting calories sucks. While I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, it just means less fun. Enjoy being curvy and all the fun that comes with it. Who cares about calories as long as your taking care of your health. That’s the important thing.

There’s also a lot of new evidence emerging that cutting calories for women isn’t actually beneficial for weight loss. Instead try superfoods that boost your metabolism. I like this BIOHM superfood blends.

2. Treating Cellulite is easier than ever

There has been a boom in the market over the past few years of products that target cellulite and that actually work. It turns out that cellulite isn’t caused by a lack of exercising, it’s caused by the skin cells loosing their strength. So say good bye to cellulite and enjoy your curves this summer. I love Maelys body serum. Go see the results for yourself and banish cellulite in 4 weeks.

3. Curvier women tend to live longer

In 2005 a Danish study found that curvier women tend to live longer, and they also have better maternal health. So there you have it, being curvy now is actually more beneficial in the long run.

4. You don’t Worry as much and you sleep More

Stress is a huge cause of weight gain in women, so don’t get stressed about your weight or you could end up putting more weight on. Thanks to that awful hormone called cortisol, your food cravings will increase and the likely hood of you feeling fatigue thanks to sugar lows will all add to weight gain. When you stress more you’ll also likely loose sleep and all of these contribute to the problem.

Instead, stress less and accept who you are, along with all those lovely curves. You also burn calories while you sleep so it’s really a win, win.

5. You look younger

There’s no denying that plumper looking skin is fresher. You’ll likely have less wrinkles and go wrinkle free for longer. Who doesn’t want that? If you want to upgrade your skin routine even more, try a collagen based drink once a day. I like feel pro collagen, It’s vegan friendly and absorbs 4x better than bovine or marine collagen.

6. You look like a woman

Yes, you were thinner in your twenties, but now you look like a woman. Being curvy is a sign of fertility so embrace those amazing hips. We were designed to be curvy.

7. You’ve ditched bad habits like smoking

Stopping smoking is a cause of weight gain but at least you have healthy lungs now. Don’t feel bad about your curves if they’ve got bigger because you’ve ditched a bad habit like smoking.

8. It’s Natural

Body’s come in all shapes and sizes, so maybe you’re just a naturally curvy person. It’s also a waste of time comparing yourself to others because you are not them. Unless you go for major cosmetic surgery and change who you are completely, then don’t worry about how other people look.

Besides big bums are trendy right now. Who would of thought that past few years would completely change what we define as attractive in the media? It just goes to show you how fickle the whole media business is. So maybe ditch the diet and just be happy. Confidence is sexier.

Let’s be body confident, love your curves this summer.

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