The rain has not stopped here in England and so last weekend I went to the Metrocentre with my daughter. The Metrocentre is so much fun and it’s always my go-to when looking for indoor activities with kids during the holidays. I thought this would be a fun article for anyone visiting Newcastle, or looking for indoor activities with their kids this Summer. So here are my favourite activities for kids at the Metrocentre, seeing as we’re having a dismal and super rainy Summer here in the North East of England!

The Metrocentre is located in Gateshead, which is close to Newcastle-Upon-Tyne and easily accessible by car and bus. It’s important to note that even though Newcastle’s train system is called “The Metro” it doesn’t stop at the Metrocentre in Gateshead. However you can get buses to the Metrocentre from Gateshead train station and Newcastle town centre.

It boasts an impressive range of shops, restaurants and activities for kids. It’s a great place to visit with the family this Summer. It’s the kind of place that has something for everyone. Whether you shop until you drop or you just want a good meal and a family day out, enjoy the rainy Summer season indoors, at the Metrocentre- it’s more than just a shopping centre.

1. Check What’s On

Before I visited the Metrocentre I simply viewed the website and found a Bath Bomb class at the store Lush. This was absolutely perfect for my daughter, and it was a great activity to do on a rainy day, as the Metrocentre is an indoor shopping centre. It’s worth checking out the What’s on section for events.

We booked our tickets on the website via Event Bright. I think it would be best to book to avoid disappointment. It cost me £4 per person and you get to make and keep the bath bomb after!

I thought this was great value as the bath bombs on average are £6 each, and my daughter really enjoyed it. The staff were friendly, as always, and happy to help with any questions we had. I’d really recommend this activity if you visit the Metrocentre!

Plus, I couldn’t resist picking up a few cheeky extras to try while I was there. I got this Strawberry Va Va Voom bar which smells heavenly! You can use it in your bath, or as a fragrance melt to brighten up the smell of your home. It has a seductive jasmine, juicy strawberry scent, combined with uplifting lime to create a fun, inviting aura.

2. Go to the Cinema

Next up, if you’re looking for something the whole family can enjoy, I recommend visiting the Odeon cinema. It is one of the biggest Odeons in the UK with 17 screens, along with the incredible immersion of full RealD, 3D and their BRAND NEW LASER IMAX cinema experience! It’s really got the wow factor and it’s well worth a visit. With a wide range of the latest films, cinema snacks, and their contactless book-and-go system, go and see the latest releases in style. The Odeon is located in the Yellow section of the Mertocentre and is open until 7pm each day.

3. Clip ‘n’ Climb

Get adventurous with Clip ‘n’ Climb. Suitable for kids of any age above 4 years old! This was so much fun, costing £14.50 per person. I’d really recommend this activity at the Metrocentre if you have kids. It was great to see my daughter’s confidence grow with each climbing challenge, thanks to the harness she was wearing. After a brief safety video, they are allowed to choose each activity they would like to participate in. In no time at all my daughter had climbed all the way to the top! It’s a good confidence builder, and a good bit of physical exercise too, which is perfect if you’ve over-indulged in cinema snacks.

You can also pay £10 for the twilight offer between 5pm and 8pm. Book online.

4. Ride the Little Train

Fun for kids, adults and even teenagers although they might pretend to not like it, ride the mini-mall Metrocentre train. You can easily get to the other side of the mall and have fun while you’re doing it too! Located on the lower floor of the mall, keep an eye out for the train.

5. Go Bowling

Visit the bowling alley for some friendly competition with the family this Summer. Kids can have fun knocking down pins and enjoy the lively atmosphere with competitive prices to match. Located on the lower floor in the Yellow part of the Metrocentre, head to the Namco Fun Scape and get your bowling game on!

6. Play Areas at the Metrocentre

The Metrocentre has several indoor play areas where kids can have a great time climbing, sliding, and exploring. Fun-filled play areas like “Adventure Valley” and “B-Land” are perfect for younger children. There are also areas dotted around the Metrocentre, such as indoor football which is great for younger kids.

7. Play Mini-Golf

Enjoy a round of mini-golf at the indoor course located in the centre. It offers a fun challenge for kids and is suitable for all ages. Tree top adventure golf is coming soon this Summer! Located in the upper yellow mall, where it links into the red section. Become an ancient explorer and navigate your way through crumbling temples, and vibrant wildlife in this crazy mini-golf game. They also have a cocktail bar for adults.

8. Go for a Meal

meat and fries
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Go for a meal at the Metrocentre, with lots of different options to choose from you’ll be spoiled for choice. If you’re on a budget or just fancy a snack, get a Subway or a famous Gregg’s Pasty! Geordie style. If you want to splash out and go for a meal, they have every kind of cuisine you can think of! You can please every member of your family. Book in advance to avoid waiting for a table.

Kids eat for £1 at Bella Italia

Kids eat for half price at Grounded Kitchen

9. Go shopping

For those who like fantasy, visit the Warhammer store. Filled with models to paint and collect, this store is sure to impress. If models aren’t your thing, don’t worry there are hundreds of other shops to choose from! You can literally shop until you drop with the whole family and there will be a shop suitable to everyone’s tastes! The Metrocentre is one of the largest shopping and leisure centres in the UK with over 300 shops and restaurants.

10. Interactive Exhibits

The Discovery Museum has teamed up with the Metrocentre to frequently host interactive exhibits aimed at engaging and educating children. These exhibits cover various themes and provide hands-on learning opportunities.

11. Build-A-Bear Workshop

Let your child’s creativity shine at the Build-A-Bear Workshop. They can choose, stuff, dress, and personalize their own teddy bear or other stuffed animals and take them home that day.

13. Go to the Arcade

Visit the Namco Fun Scape and have a fun time with the family playing all the arcade games. Work together as a team and discover all the prizes to be won!

So there you have it, 13 activities for families at the Metrocenter. It’s always a good idea to check the specific opening hours and availability of activities in advance to ensure a smooth experience. I hope you have fun with your family at the Metrocentre this Summer.

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