I love natural beauty products and it’s no secret that I love to make my own skincare. I’ve shared various posts on this blog, such as natural face masks that you can make at home or even bath water recipes. I think that when it comes to your skin, what you put on it really matters. I find it so strange that products are marketed to us as being natural in this age, when they are indeed not. It seems like such an odd thing to do when nature truly has bountiful ingredients for us to use. As the Autumn season is settling in, the season for kitchen witchery, I thought I’d share in this post my easy recipe for natural rose water toner as it’s something I make often, and it’s so easy to make. I’d also love to share some truly natural products that I know you’re going to love…

The Benefits of Rose Water Toner

Rose water is anti- inflammatory and great for reducing redness. It’s great for reducing the appearance of blemishes because of this. Using Rose water on your face will sooth irritation and help to even the appearance of skin tone. As it has some antibacterial properties it can also help to prevent infections.

Rose water is really refreshing and hydrates the skin. It has a plumping effect and provides moisturisation. It can also help to heel scars and burns. I like to add rose water to my bath water as an additional hydrating product and treatment for my skin.

This natural and easy to make toner is a good addition to any skincare routine. It can also be ingested, for example you could make rose water tea or even cakes! When ingested rose water also aids digestion and can cure sore throats. Rose water has many magical benefits.

How to Make Rose Water

So my very simple and natural recipe for Rose water consists of fresh rose petals and boiling water- and that is it. I happened to have an abundance of roses that were growing over my garden fence, so I simply cut these from my garden! It was completely free to make and this will last me a while. I use rose water as a toner twice a week and also add it to my bath.


3 handfuls of fresh Rose Petals

300 ml of boiling water

1 squeeze of lemon juice


Sterilise a container overnight. Grab three handfuls of fresh rose petals and add 300 ml of boiling water. Or keep to the 1 handful to 100ml ratio and make as much as you like. Add boiling water to the rose petals and then simmer on the hob on a low heat for 20 to 30 mins. The rose water is ready when the rose petals have lost their colour. Sieve away the rose petals and add the rose water to the sterilised container. Once cooled keep in the fridge for up to 1 month.

My New Beauty Favourites

So in keeping with my natural beauty products, I have stumbled upon the most amazing brand. In fact, I love them so much I decided to join as a Market Partner and launch a new business. Yes, they’re that good! So, I am absolutely delighted to share Modern Nature. A brand that I think loves natural beauty products, as much as I do.

One week ago a big box of delightful products turned up at my door and since then, I have literally been obsessing over their products. The more I look into each product and study it’s ingredients, the more I am simply blown away by them. They have a range of wellness products, skincare and haircare- and guess what? They’re all natural!

Not only do they pride themselves on being clean, plant infused products, they really are gorgeous products to use. My absolute faves are these skincare makeup products. Makeup with added skincare, I mean who wouldn’t want that? To top it all off they’re leaping bunny approved and completely vegan friendly!

This is the Rejuvenique light oil. It contains 13 oils, sourced from around the world to deliver this potent product. It can be used as a face oil, a skin moisturiser, a scalp treatment, or even in hair to repair hair strands. This lightweight formula is perfect for fragile, delicate or fine hair. It’s extremely concentrated so a little tiny bit, goes a long way.

I’ve rubbed this into my scalp twice last week and left it on overnight before washing my hair and my hair has improved so much. I’m also start to see new hair growing in around my scalp! I am amazed by this little bottle of goodness! Follow @sophiebeautybabe to see my hair Journey using this product.

Next, my absolute favourite is this hydrating liquid lipstick in shade Brave. It’s a deep brown and red colour, which is perfect for Autumn, don’t you think? The formula contains Rejuveniqe oil and it boasts rapid hydration, while diminishing the appearance of lip lines. It has a precision tip applicator with an easy to apply formula. I’m also lusting after the shade Nude.

Finally, I’m sharing the black IR Clinical Mascara. This Mascara will encourage your lashes to grow whilst adding length and volume. It has a lightweight buildable formula that overtime will give you longer lushess lashes.

What I love most about this brand is that the products not only make you look good, but they’re also benefiting you at the same time. If you’d like to join as a VIP you can also save 15% off all retail prices. You also get a £20 birthday treat, plus so many benefits from the products. My partnership with this brand is an exciting one! I hope you’ll agree. Thanks for reading. Be beautifully natural!

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