I feel like Halloween has snuck up on me this year. Yes, the time for munching on all manor of sweet treats, cosy nights in and of course spooky movies is here! Today, I wanted to treat you to an easy hairdo that me and my daughter created for Pinterest the other day, plus I share my favourite Halloween purchases in a fun filled post, because sometimes you just need to treat yourself…

Easy Halloween Hairstyles

I’m not usually one for complicated, I like simplicity if I’m being honest especially when it comes to hair. While I like dressing up, as do my kids, I’m not one for going all out with costumes or anything. Although, this year I’ve ordered a glue gun from Amazon and a roll of tulle to embellish my daughters outfit. So I guess I’m trying a bit more than usual, but that’s only because I left it too late and I couldn’t get the outfit she wanted, opps! So I’m having to make it myself, and honestly I have no idea how it’s gonna turn out.

Anyway, when it comes to hair, I think a cute hairstyle adds a little something to even the most basic of outfits. You can really add a bit of an extra flare to any costume without much effort, so easy hairstyles are something I tend to do, especially at Halloween.

Last year I made Ghost Buns, which were a bit of a show stopper if I do say so myself. My daughter got lots of compliments on her hair when we visited Alnwick Gardens for the Halloween hunt, and it really took minimal effort (and two sheets of tissue paper).

This year I tried something slightly more ambitious, I call it The Spider Bun. It has eight creepy legs and two big eyes, to trick all the people you happen to pass in the street when their eyes should meet your brow. It was still pretty easy though so I’ve added it to my list of easy hairstyles. If you’d like to watch how I did it, follow my new Instagram account @Sophie_Beauty_babe

To make this hairstyle I used a gentle detangling spray, it really makes a difference when it comes to brushing my daughter’s hair. It’s funny, when my son was growing up, I didn’t really have to brush his hair much, but now that I have a girl, brushing hair with tangles is not an easy task. It really stresses my daughter out too, so I’m glad I found this gentle and natural detangling spray. It adds softness and shine, while soothing the sensation of brushing hair. My daughter loves it, so It’s absolutely on the list of favourite purchases this autumn.

It contains Chamomilla Leaf Extract, Fruit Extract and (Olive) Fruit Oil to name a few ingredients. It’s Vegan friendly, gentle and natural. Perfect for your little ones if you’re going to style their hair this Halloween. Find out more about the Junior detangle spray.

Next on my list of purchases this Autumn are my new vitamins. Yep, back in my twenties I would have been this excited about a new cocktail I had discovered. Now I’m thirty, I just can’t contain my excitement about Vitamins. These highly concentrated supplements contain a mixture of herbs, vitamins, minerals and mushroom to give your immune system lots of support this winter. Now is the perfect time to start preparing for the cold days ahead and stock up on the best vitamin blends to support your immune system.

These Immune Support Vegan capsules contain B vitamins and Coryceps to improve brain function and sharp thinking. A mix of herbs which are known as adaptogens to help you combat stress and balance cortisol levels- which often causes illness. Finally, they contains vitamins such as Vitamin C, Zinc, D and powerful Ginseng to help fight off infections and that help to support your immune system.

My Favourite Amazon Purchases

Finally, as I’ve mentioned before, Amazon is pretty much the number one place where I shop. It’s quick, convenient and at times a life saver. As I mentioned before, I now have all the things I need to make my daughters costume. That is one crisis avoided thanks to Amazon- and is anyone else excited about drone deliveries? I mean how much scary is that? Anyway, I’ve rounded up my favourite cute purchases from Amazon this Autumn. Happy shopping!

For people who don’t like the smell of pumpkins, much like my son, I picked up some artificial pumpkins in this white colour. They’re bang on trend at the moment and small so they are handy to be stored away, ready for next year. They add a pop of colour and add an unusual twist on your spooky porch this Halloween. They also work well for table decorations and buffet tables. They’re just a cute aesthetic an they were a bargain so I thought I’d share my spooky find. Get your 12 piece rustic white pumpkin set.

Next, I love these cute ghost candles. They come in a set of 12 and I just thought they were adorable, again they were really reasonably priced and perfect for Halloween. They’d also look great as a centre piece on a table or just light them for some spooky fun.

Then I got these cute Autumn leaf lights. I just thought that I am likely to use these every Autumn so they were worth a buy. There’s just something so cosy about little lights on a crisp Autumn night. I like to put these on and light a few candles just to find some peace within. You get 20ft of cute maple leaf lights. They look super cute around the fire place.

Finally, it just wouldn’t be autumn without candles. I treated myself to this luxury candle with a pumpkin chia scent. It smells divine and it just makes me feel so relaxed. I love the gorgeous glass jar it comes in and it has a little lid which I like. It reminds me of the 1920s era, it’s really elegant and I’m really happy with my purchase. A little indulgence this Autumn…

Thanks for reading. Happy Halloween!

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