Okay, exciting news, Black Friday is here a little early this year! Now if you follow me on instagram, you might already know that I am loving my new hair care range! When it comes to hair, I just don’t think another brand can touch it.

The skincare makeup is also pretty awesome and it had me going all girly over the rose gold packaging! It would make such a nice gift for someone.

Anyway, last month I got the blow out brush from MONAT and I am literally obsessed with it. I use it everyday now and along with the hair care I’ve been using it has transformed my bleached blonde locks. In fact I love it so much, I’m never going back to regular shampoo! Now I understand what’s in it, I’m never using regular shampoo, again!

Did you know that most shampoos out there contain 98% water and the 2% of products that are actually in there are silicones, parabens and sulphates!

Honestly, it’s like a light bulb above my head at the moment. This is why I always had bad hair! No matter what I did with it.

So as you can imagine I am pretty stocked about my new haircare- and the blow out brush is just freaking awesome.

If you’d like to grab yourself a free hair care tool this week, simply head to holiday gifts and choose your weapon!

You also get a shampoo, conditioner and hair treatment too. You can also become a VIP for a one of fee of £18 and you get 15% off for life! Happy Shopping…

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