Stay Healthy this summer with the Probio7 Yogurt Maker

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen me getting so excited about this Probio7 yogurt maker. Other than the obvious love of the packaging, seriously it was love at first sight (the little ceramic pots are totally Pinterest worthy), so as you can imagine, I’m delighted to share this review with you.Continue reading “Stay Healthy this summer with the Probio7 Yogurt Maker”

Bumblebees and adventures in the sunshine at Scotswood Garden

This weekend we visited the Great Scotswood Garden Get Together. It’s a park in Newcastle-upon-Tyne run by volunteers and it’s just beautiful. My kids and I had a great time learning about bumblebees. There’s a lot of campaigns at the moment talking about ‘saving the bees’ and this event didn’t disappoint. It’s the summer solsticeContinue reading “Bumblebees and adventures in the sunshine at Scotswood Garden”

Down the Strawberry Moon Path of Self-destruction…

We had the strawberry supermoon on the 12th of June in the big and bright house of Sagittarius. A time for self-reflection or in some cases self-destruction, for me it was an emotional one… It got me questioning a lot in life, and being me I dug deep into knowledge I guess as a wayContinue reading “Down the Strawberry Moon Path of Self-destruction…”

bottles of champagne in ice cubes

10 ways I got my Pinterest Stats Soaring

I’ve recently had a pin of mine on Pinterest go viral, which is amazing, it took me 1.5 years to finally create some content that was viral-worthy and my new Pinterest traffic stands at 1.3 Million. I mean it’s still pretty small on the grand scale of things, but it was still a goal IContinue reading “10 ways I got my Pinterest Stats Soaring”


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