3 Face Masks you can make at home during The Mercury Retrograde

Mercury and Cherry Liqueurs Starting on the 14th of January and ending on the 3rd of Feb, it’s another Mercury retrograde and this time it’s in Aquarius. I decided to clear my schedule this week because of it, which has freed up some time to get creative. I decided to make some face masks andContinue reading “3 Face Masks you can make at home during The Mercury Retrograde”

I’m all ears, Auris Ear Care

Is there anything worse than an ear infection? I’ve been lucky and have only had a few… The worst was one I got was in Ibiza after swimming in the sea, ouch! I couldn’t hear properly at work for weeks. Ears aren’t exactly on the top of my priority list but they are so important,Continue reading “I’m all ears, Auris Ear Care”

10 Things you should know about Derma Rolling

This is something I’ve been putting off because I still find it hard to talk about. Acne really effected my self esteem in my 20’s. There’s hundreds of posts on Acne online, what you should and shouldn’t do. From little tips on skincare to product reviews but I never see anything on the mental healthContinue reading “10 Things you should know about Derma Rolling”

Three things that ladies are doing wrong…

That title was not one I enjoyed writing but I’d like to share some tips today on 3 things that ladies aren’t doing correctly (there’s not many) … The wrong Bra Size A whopping 80% of women wear the wrong bra size. Isn’t that a phenomenal amount? So why is this? Well, the old braContinue reading “Three things that ladies are doing wrong…”