How I Manage My Creativity

This is something that took me many years to learn. When I was younger I’d go through creative phases, It almost felt like I was out of control. I remember getting really into Plaster of Paris one year; before I knew it I had twenty different silicone moulds I’d made and an array of sculpturesContinue reading “How I Manage My Creativity”

Blue Sky Thinking. How to keep creating when you can’t find Inspiration

Today I am brainstorming. I am going out and looking for ideas and inspiration instead of passively waiting for ideas to come to me. Sometimes I get stifled by creativity. Pressure and deadlines can cause more stress and lead to anxiety and ultimately effect my performance. I like the unique aspect of blogging that allowsContinue reading “Blue Sky Thinking. How to keep creating when you can’t find Inspiration”

Why I Take My Kids To Art Galleries

I’ve always been a lover in Art. I remember staying in Paris during the summers as a child. My auntie lived there in a little top floor apartment up a tall spiralling staircase. There was a tiny lift with a metal cage in the centre that was big enough for one person but that rarelyContinue reading “Why I Take My Kids To Art Galleries”

A little Cottage In Alston and The storm; When I turned 30

This is me, on my 30th Birthday, it’s the 7th of February, the wind outside is bitter. The pandemic hasn’t happened yet, there’s news of a few people who are ill in China, awful news but the seriousness of it all doesn’t seem real yet. My friend who’s with us in the car reads outContinue reading “A little Cottage In Alston and The storm; When I turned 30”

Wild Flowers

I’d like to share with you a poem I have written. My mind has been bursting with creativity lately. Photo’s are from Spring 2020. WILD FLOWERS Light bearer; Venus of violet Sympathy, cover paler blue a garden In mourning. Drain our energy And begin this March, spring up, Moving ribbon of indigo light, On aContinue reading “Wild Flowers”

Pearls of Beauty

I’m feeling a bit of Marilyn Monroe today, she was just beautiful wasn’t she? Wow. I love these photographs of her. They just capture her presence so well. I wrote another poem last night. I’ve called it Pearls. I was kind of inspired by these photos. I hope you enjoy. This tick of time sipsContinue reading “Pearls of Beauty”

A Photo Shoot of Me and My Daughter

I dabbled in some modelling when I was in my teens but as I’m only a tiny 5 ft 2 my modelling was cut short. Pun intended. I’m curvy too so even when I was super skinny there was no hiding my hour glass shape. Apparently big bums are all the rage now so I’mContinue reading “A Photo Shoot of Me and My Daughter”

Rainbow Sushi; Brain food for kids

We were stuck in the house today because of the rain so I decided to get creative and make some Sushi. My kids love anything that they get to help mummy with and these are so healthy. They’re perfect if your kids start to get ‘bored’ and they encourage your kids to try new flavours.Continue reading “Rainbow Sushi; Brain food for kids”