Snowy Days and Time to Play

Wow guys, so I don’t know what it’s like where you are but it’s snowing here. I live by the sea so it rarely snows here (I think it’s because of the salty sea air and the wind), but at the minute it’s deeper than I’ve ever seen it… Of course my toddler is overContinue reading “Snowy Days and Time to Play”

Roker Beach, a photo blog…

Roker Beach in Sunderland We went to Seaburn yesterday for a little walk along the beach. I’ve lived in the North East for over 20 years and it still surprises me that I haven’t seen so many places along the coast. One positive about the lock down is that it’s stopped me from travelling andContinue reading “Roker Beach, a photo blog…”

New lingerie, Jewellery and A Vegan Pizza …

Good Morning I’m having one of those days today where nothing goes to plan but everything seems to work out if that makes any sense? I had a photo shoot planned with my daughter but she stayed up until midnight last night. Parenting can be so tiring… Instead I did some editing on some photograph’s.Continue reading “New lingerie, Jewellery and A Vegan Pizza …”

Happy New Year, Goodbye 2020!

So it’s not exactly the New Year I thought about having earlier in the year. A big celebration with loads of friends, family and a buffet of nibbles. Even the idea of a microphone seems dangerous at the moment. Instead it’s hands, face, space. The North East has been placed into Tier 4 due toContinue reading “Happy New Year, Goodbye 2020!”

New IPhone 11 and the Age of Aquarius

So I am absolutely lusting over my partners new IPhone 11. He got it in black. It just arrived today. I will have to borrow it and take some photographs. I want to see what the camera is like. I am so excited. I really LOVE that feeling when you get a new phone. I’mContinue reading “New IPhone 11 and the Age of Aquarius”

Tier 4 changes, lock down restrictions, and a Christmas full of fear…

Who saw it coming? Did you read my title with the ‘5 Gold Rings‘ song in your head? It sounds better that way… Wow, well what a crazy day it’s been. It’s 4 hours since Boris announced the new restrictions in the UK. London has moved into tier 4. I’m unsure why the North EastContinue reading “Tier 4 changes, lock down restrictions, and a Christmas full of fear…”

We saw a Reindeer at the Rising Sun

I woke up feeling a bit blue this morning so I decided we should go on a little adventure. The sun was shining and the sky was bright blue. The rising sun was a bit chilly and the ground was muddy. My daughter loved splashing in the puddles in her Peppa Pig wellies. She’s wearingContinue reading “We saw a Reindeer at the Rising Sun”

It’s my son’s Birthday, we’ve been shopping, in style.

Wow so today my son turned fourteen. I am just overwhelmed by happiness and joy. I am so very proud of who he is. He really is so mature for his age. He’s handled 2020 like a pro. He’s dressed in his brand new nike air max trainers. His jumper and tracksuit bottoms are fromContinue reading “It’s my son’s Birthday, we’ve been shopping, in style.”

My Partner’s Beavertown Beer Lock Down Birthday.

So today is my partner Michael’s birthday. We usually celebrate it by having a big party and invite friend’s round. Obviously this year things are so different. It’s that constant ebbing of feelings that nothing is normal or is as it should be. We can’t go to a pub and have a pint. We can’tContinue reading “My Partner’s Beavertown Beer Lock Down Birthday.”

A chilly soirée at Heaton Park; A Sagittarius’ birthday.

Yesterday was my aunties birthday. Yep, that’s three Sagittarius’ I am lucky enough to have in my life. I have two Aunties and they both mean the world to me. They are both super intelligent and strong women. They have been my rock at times, my best friend’s and they have also told it toContinue reading “A chilly soirée at Heaton Park; A Sagittarius’ birthday.”