Working on my Photography

I recently did a post on my new Marohh Jewellery. I was really pleased with the photographs I took. I’m still getting used to my new camera but I seem to be improving. These were some of my favourites, photography wise. I love the soft lighting. I tried to experiment with lighting. You can seeContinue reading “Working on my Photography”

A Day with My Daughter and Some Photography

I love that my daughter is fascinated by the camera. It fills me with absolute joy. She occasionally has days where she gets sick of me photographing her. I can understand why. As a parent I sometimes feel guilty, I feel like I should be playing with her instead of pointing a camera at her.Continue reading “A Day with My Daughter and Some Photography”


I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, in a previous blog post that Instagram is a new platform for me. I started it during the first lock down as a hobby. Recently though I have transitioned it into a business account for this blog. Over the past few weeks I have been doing some trainingContinue reading “INSTAGRAM TOP ‘STORY’ TIPS”

Aquarius Energy

I’ve been really creative recently. November is usually a sad time for me. Six years ago my best friend Louise committed suicide, 14th November 2014…. November isn’t usually my month, but this year I am bursting with creativity. My friend Louise was an artist. Her second name was Paisley. Like the pattern. She was studyingContinue reading “Aquarius Energy”

A Little photoshoot with My family

So this is what I was doing yesterday, out in the cold wind. I was taking photo’s of my family. It was the first time I’d seen my sister in law since last Christmas because of the pandemic. Her daughter, my little niece, has been missing my daughter Zowie ever so much. I thought itContinue reading “A Little photoshoot with My family”

A little walk along the river side; A time for change

Today with the brisk wind in my face and the cold air whipping around us we went for a blustery walk along the river side. Here’s some photographs that I took. I am so happy with my new camera. I couldn’t resist taking some shots… It really was so windy. My daughter didn’t like itContinue reading “A little walk along the river side; A time for change”

Why I Love Being Curvy

It’s taken me sometime to accept myself. In fact, I’m probably the most out of shape I’ve ever been (other than two pregnancies). It might strike you as odd then that I actually prefer myself now. Here’s why: I’m not Constantly Calorie Counting So I can Enjoy life instead I used to get so woundContinue reading “Why I Love Being Curvy”